Office Furniture Installation in New Orleans

Louisiana Federal Credit Union Gramercy

Louisiana Federal Credit Union Gramercy wanted furniture to match their new building which was built with a dramatic color scheme. The Office Planning Group provided a color board to make the coordination finishes simple and clear. The result was a very progressive look reflecting LFCU's progressive culture.

New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board

The customer had a need to fit many service repesentatives in a small area. OPG used Cluster Furniture to provide a functional, comfortable, and attractive workspace for all employees.

Bruno and Tervalon

The customer wanted to convert their open office space into a mixture of private offices and collaborative work areas. OPG designed the space using matching components to provide both.


The customer needed to update their office to keep up to date with their electronic equipment and change the appearance so that they would be seen as more modern and efficient. A combination of systems cubicles and modular furniture achieved their goals.

Loyola University Law School

The Law School needed the advantages of modular furniture with the appearance of custom built-in woodwork to give there student workers the feel of being in a successful law office. Build-out of the space was impractical, would cause extensive downtime, and exceeded their budget. OPG used wood skinned systems furniture with decorative molding. Objectives were achieved within budget and with minimal downtime.

Loyola University School of Music

The customer needed custom furnishings for a new music lab to accommodate electronic instruments and accessories. The furniture provided by OPG was designed to house all the components while providing an appearance that reflects the modern trend in musical education.

LSU Healthcare Network

This university Eye Care clinic wanted elements of a built-in wall and cabinetry solution but did not have the funds . OPG's space plan accomplished LSU's design goals with systems furniture of different heights. Furniture was installed over the weekend so that no patient appointments were missed.


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