Used Office Furniture New Orleans Style

At The Office Planning Group, one of our most enjoyable jobs is sourcing high quality used office furniture. New Orleans is a treasure trove of unique pieces that can add local flavor to your office space. We handpick and personally inspect every item in our used inventory including:

  • Office desks
  • Task chairs
  • Modular systems (cubicles and open plan workstations)
  • Conference tables and chairs
  • Filing cabinets and credenzas
  • Lighting fixtures

This week, we thought we’d give you a little taste of what we find on a typical “scavenger hunt” for used office furniture in New Orleans. Be warned, by the time you read this blog post, these items may have already sold. Our inventory is always in flux as these pieces go fast. That’s not surprising since we offer them at a rate discounted 50-90% off retail. But you can always browse our current selection here.

used office furniture new orleansHow Would You Like Your Coffee?

This credenza with its warm cherry finish and gorgeous paneling is a piece you would be proud to display in any area of your office. It could greet guests in the lobby, add flavor to your conference room or bring a touch of class to an employee break room. It features plenty of storage for everything from cups to creamer.

Take It Outsidecafe chairs

We don’t just source interior office furniture. New Orleans has the kind of climate that folks in North Dakota can only dream about. So we were excited to snag these wicker style café chairs. If you have any kind of outdoor access from your office space, make this the year that you create a little oasis for your employees. When people get to spend their first few minutes at work relaxing outside, this can set a great tone for the whole day.

used cubicles new orleansOne of a Kind

This cubicle really is in a class all by itself. We often purchase a whole fleet of cubes at a time, but this one was a loner. We’ve never seen quite this color combination before (burgundy trim and overhead bin, pale bluish/greenish/grayish panels and honey toned wood laminate). We admit that it probably won’t match anything else, but it would be perfect for a single unit space. With those high walls on three sides, it’s like a little private office.

Hire a Professional Metairie Cubicles Installation Team

Metairie cubiclesAre you considering moving your business to Metairie? Cubicles represent a significant investment in your current office space, so you are likely to want to move them to your new location. But you probably didn’t realize how much work was involved in breaking these modular workstations down until it actually came time to do it. In fact, you may find the job is quite overwhelming. This is an ideal time to ask for some professional help. Here are just some of the tasks an office furniture dealer can help you with:

  • Developing an inventory of your cubicles and office furniture
  • Categorizing that furniture and equipment by how it will be grouped at your new location
  • Ensuring cubicles are broken down without misplacing components
  • Packing panels and other parts properly to prevent damage during transport

From a design planning perspective, you can also access help with:

  • Creating a staged moving plan that will minimize disruption to your employees
  • Determining how to make the best use of your new office space by incorporating your existing office furniture efficiently
  • Understanding when rental office furniture can be used on a temporary basis at low cost and where new items are needed

At the re-installation in Metairie, cubicles should also be assembled by a professional team. That way, you don’t end up with unstable workstations or leftover nuts and bolts. While some cheaper cubes are pretty easy to disassemble and reassemble, the higher quality brands that incorporate power and data cabling can be somewhat complex. In addition, wood veneered parts require a little extra TLC to prevent dings and scratches. You don’t want to have your new office populated with cubicles that look like they traveled 500 miles by wagon train.

Our professional Metairie cubicle installers are punctual, appropriately dressed, speedy, efficient, knowledgeable, friendly and thorough. Let The Office Planning Group help you plan your office move. We’ll help make sure your new space looks great!

High Density Filing Systems: New Orleans Businesses Need New Solutions

filing systems New OrleansIs your business being well-served by its current filing systems? New Orleans is far from the most expensive city when it comes to commercial real estate prices. But that doesn’t mean you can afford to have a bunch of extra space sitting around unused 99% of the time. That’s what’s happening if you have traditional, static filing cabinets or shelving with aisles in between.

This problem is most obvious in terms of square footage you could be using for other purposes. For example, consider how much more effective your space usage would be if you put in more workstations, an extra meeting room, an audio-visual conferencing space, or even an additional employee lounge? Wouldn’t it make more sense to spend space on people instead of paper?

That’s Not All

There are also hidden costs above and beyond the footprint of your filing cabinets and aisle space. Remember that you are also providing lighting and air conditioning for your storage area. If you are leasing your office space and could reduce the square footage you need to rent, you could save a pretty penny on these energy costs as well.

Let’s say you are in the process of planning a new office building or expanding an existing space. Being able to work with a smaller layout means you require less building materials. That’s a cost-savings up front and a potential win from an LEED standpoint in the “developmental footprint” category.

What Do We Have in Mind?

We’re actually not suggesting that you go paperless. We know that there are some industries and some situations where maintaining paper records is still necessary. But what we are suggesting is getting rid of empty space by using a high density filing system. This type of solution eliminates the empty walkways between rows of document shelving. The shelves are mounted on rolling carriages that are housed in tracks on the floor. Each shelf fits snugly against the one next to it. When you need an aisle, you simply turn a wheel mounted on the side of the shelving to roll them apart. Or, you can choose a remote controlled system to make things even easier.

This is just one example of ways to save space with your filing systems. New Orleans customers and businesses in surrounding areas can always get in touch with The Office Planning Group for more great space planning and design ideas. Set up your free consultation today!