To Cubicle or Not To Cubicle?

When starting a new business or even moving in to a new office space, sometimes your space can be a blank canvas. There are so many decisions to be made – how may offices, conference rooms, cubicles and open spaces – even cubicle wall height can be from 0 to 7 feet high.

open office concept

In order to make these decisions, its helps to have an idea of your corporate culture and what you are trying to accomplish:

  1. Is your culture open and collaborative?
  2. Is your culture more closed and private?
  3. Do some of your employees require security and privacy based on the work that they do

Neither is better or worse – your office design should not only map to function but also culture: for example, a mobile app gaming start up would likely want a more collaborative open space than say a law office. After all, where are you going to put the indoor basketball court or Foosball table?

What The Office Got Right About Office Design

Fans of the popular television program The Office may be surprised to learn that they actually did quite a few things right when it comes down to their layout, design, and furniture selection. Find that a bit hard to believe? Then take a look at these observations, and consider:

  • Optimized Traffic Flow – Next time you watch the show, pay attention to how people move through the office. Access to the front door is easy and open, and sends you right past their corporate gatekeeper. Employees desks are tucked off to the side, close to bathrooms, the break room, etc., without impacting the overall traffic flow through the office itself.
  • Open Pattern – All parts of the layout and office design on The Office feature a modern, open pattern. This facilitates communication and efficiency in your work space, as both employees, visitors, and customers are all able to quickly and easily get where they need to be.

the office cubicle design

So the next time you sit down to catch an episode, pay attention to the way they decided to lay out their office and place their furniture. You may unexpectedly find a tip or two you can appropriate for use where you work.

How to Set Up a Conference Room in Your New Orleans Office

When holding business meetings with potential clients and colleagues, you want your company to make a good first impression. One of the best ways to do this is having a comfortable, formal and attractive conference room to gather in. Purchasing high quality and eye pleasing conference tables and chairs will help your clients feel relaxed and more open to ideas that your business is offering.

cubicle-space-planningMaking the best use of space in the conference room is essential. The size and shape of your table should be proportionate to the room. After the chairs are placed around the table, there should still be ample room for the chairs to be pushed back to get in and out of the seated position. There should also be plenty of room to walk behind the chairs, so the clients can move freely around the room. Keep in mind that if you have a large table, you will want larger chairs and the same if you have a smaller table, do not over power it with large chairs.

Keep the look balanced:

  • Choose a formal looking table that fits proportionately to the room, without looking too confined.
  • Choose ergonomic chairs for comfort.
  • Remember that rectangular shaped tables can feature a position of leadership, with the seat at the head of the table, while a round table promotes conversation and a feeling of equality.
  • By choosing a modern design, you will portray the impression that you are up to date and current.
  • Add several accent pieces, such as prints for the wall or a modern vase with flowers, but do not go overboard, or the room will tend to look cluttered.

By taking these few points into consideration, you can make the best use of your space and give a good impression to your clients and colleagues as well.