3 Ways Office Furniture Leaves an Impact on Clients

customer waiting roomWhen creating and maintaining a business, there are many details to consider. However, while office furniture is often overlooked as generic and insignificant, it is indeed a fundamental element.

“It’s just a chair,” you may think, “It’s only a desk; how does it matter?”

True point, but people are visual creatures; we judge our environment based on visual cues and physical comfort. Your business may be the best thing since sliced bread, but if the client doesn’t believe this initially, you will find yourself in an uphill battle to convince them of the true value your business offers. Office furniture can work for you and not against you, providing clients with positive impressions in lieu of negative impacts.

Here are three different ways your office furniture will impact how clients view your business.

1. It Determines Professionalism

No matter the type of business you run, whether it is modern or traditional, a certain level of professionalism is expected, and your selection of furniture will reflect this. It’s important for clients to have a quality first impression on what you offer, where your values lie, and the kind of success you’ve experienced, because it could be the defining moment between selecting your services or going elsewhere. What does office furniture say about your business’s professionalism?

  • Your Success.

The quality of your furniture will reflect the budget you have available to make a solid first impression. If your business has been experiencing a financial crisis, the bottom line is the first one to suffer and this includes your selection of desks, chairs, cubicles, and more. Clients know this; if your office is decorated cheaply or with little attention to quality, it will make them assume your business is low in quality and underfunded. With this in mind, how can they trust you to fulfill their needs in comparison to a well-decorated and successful rival?

Secondhand furnishing is an economical choice no matter the size or success of your business, but selecting pieces which are high in quality and stylish in appearance will reinforce professionalism rather than subtracting from it.

  • Your Values.

Even the most successful businesses must make choices on where to appropriate funds. However, presentation is the first step to success, and if you have not invested time into proper professional appearances, where else will you lack professionalism? Furniture that is poor quality will indicate you do not value looks and the good opinion of your clients, making your business seem amateur rather than highly competent.

2. It Reflects Your Attention to Client Comfort

It’s expected that clients will spend a decent amount of time seated at your business, be it in the reception area or in an office for consultation. A person’s environment deeply affects their level of comfort, trust, and enthusiasm, and the right kind of furniture will reflect both how much you value their wellbeing and how much attention will be devoted to fulfilling their professional requirements.

  • Physical Comfort.

Sitting in chairs which are uncomfortable and even painful builds frustration and annoyance in clients, slowly working away at their patience and positive attitude. Even if your service is exceptional, the discomfort will impact how they view your business and how much you care about their wellbeing. Furniture that is comfortable indicates compassion, attention to detail, and how important their patronage is to your business. This personal touch will make a client feel welcome and important, encouraging them to choose your services over a company which was inconsiderate of their physical state.

  • Environmental Comfort.

Waiting in a reception area or office is often uncomfortable, especially if the business clients mean to conduct is delicate or personal. If your business is furnished with objects that are bland and uncoordinated, clients will feel out of place and at ill ease, increasing this anxiety. However, if your furniture is warm in color, well-coordinated, and inviting, it will put clients at ease and make them feel more relaxed in their environment. This tells them that you have taken additional time and expenses to ensure they feel at home in your office, instilling faith that you will take the same care in delivering high quality services and tending to all their professional needs.

3. Your Business Type

Furniture tells something about your status and ethic as a business, but it also tells a more fundamental story of how your business operates. First impressions are everything, and your selection of furnishings will tell this story in a single glimpse.

  • Business Theme.

Traditional and technical fields are often decorated in plain or dark colors, with furniture that is uniform and generic. This indicates professionalism, focus, and routine is important to the company’s values, as you’ve likely witnessed with banks, doctor offices, and IT stores. However, brighter colors, more modern decorations, and unique furnishings indicate that creativity, comfort, and collaboration are important values, befitting cafes, entertainment centers, and design studios. When a client walks through your doors, what they see will determine what they expect from your business. Selecting desks, chairs, and tables that mirror your business type will explain the theme of your business immediately, leading to a more accurate impression and greater confidence in clients.

  • Your Work Ethic.

If your technical business was furnished with bright colors and unique designs, the client would note the attention to creativity and expressionism. Yet, if you are focusing on these values, perhaps your ability to focus, execute routine tasks, and complete deadlines is lacking. If your creative business is filled with bland colors and traditional furniture, a client would wonder if your business lacks imagination. By deciding on furniture that reflects your values and where your focus lies, you are giving clients reason to believe they are coming to you for the right services.

People are highly visual creatures, and encouraging clients to choose you over the competition lies in your ability to cater to their first impression. By choosing the correct furnishings, you can ensure your clients feel comfortable, confident, and inspired in your office.

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