4 Excellent Reasons Why You Should Consider Used Office Furniture

There are plenty of benefits of purchasing used office furniture aside from cost efficiency. If you are a start-up business with a low budget and minimal needs, used office furniture will be a great asset for you. This post will discuss four reasons why it is a good idea.

used office furniture

The Quality

If you are purchasing used office furniture that has withstood extensive use in the past and it is still in good condition, you will know it will remain in good condition when it is furnishing your office.

You’ll Get It Delivered Faster

When you buy low-priced, used furniture, chances are you can have it delivered in a matter of days, if not the day of purchase. When purchasing brand new furniture, you could end up waiting 6 to 12 weeks just to produce it. So for those of you know need office furniture immediately, used it the way to go.

It’s a Better Investment

Good quality, used furniture is a wiser investment than cheap, new furniture. New furniture will likely depreciate to 25% or less of the initial price whereas used furniture’s value can actually go up. When you choose to resell it after use, the value could actually increase to 75%.

You Are Saving Money

This is the most obvious reason to purchase used furniture, but possibly the most important. When buying used, you could end up paying 75%-85% less than the original price. This makes overlooking a scuff or two and paying attention the the quality well worth it.

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