4 Tell Tale Signs You Need New Office Furniture

We all get comfortable with our good-old office furniture. No matter how out of style it is, or how inefficient it has become. It’s like an old friend that one has to make excuses for. But eventually, when things get too out of hand, your old office furniture starts to actually become a business liability. At this moment in time, one will have to finally make a decision about breaking down and buying some new office furniture. Here are four telltale signs to look out for, which will prove when one is desperately in need a new office decor change, which is modernly styled, and immensely more functional.

1. – The Fading Glory

That 300lb gray metal desk, which takes four maintenance workers to move, might be a good candidate for a trip to the recycling center. Desks today come in both standing and sitting variations, and the best of both worlds, height adjustable and motorized units can accommodate both, depending on one’s preference at the moment. Those ripped up chairs that don’t even roll right anymore, might also be candidates for the junk heap. Relaxing in a chair doesn’t have to be a thing of the past, not with so many modern ergonomic styled brands to choose from.

Wear and tear are an inevitable factor in any office furniture’s shelf life. The trouble is, that your office furniture represents not just your office, but your entire business as well. Don’t be perceived by a client as being outdated, just because your office furniture is. The biggest clue that it’s time to replace your office furniture is when you give your cubicles and furniture a deep cleaning – And they still look like hell. This tells you that you have reached the end of the line when it comes to hiding the fact that you need new furniture. Don’t waste your money on fixing up junk. Break down and buy new furniture, you’ll thank yourself later when your new, functional, productive, eye-appealing, and comfortable office furniture arrives.

2. – The Danger Zone

Old and decrepit office furniture isn’t just ugly, it’s dangerous as well. All those aches and pains at the end of the day can add up to permanent injuries or health problems eventually for the office worker. Old chairs with strategic pieces missing compromise one’s posture, putting extra pressure on one’s back muscles and joints, plus it also slows one’s metabolism, adding to the risk of deadly blood clots forming, which could dislodge, wreaking havoc on vital organs, or worse, the brain, causing a deadly aneurysm. Yikes! No one want’s to risk that!

Cubicle panels with sharp edges which have come undone, cause a cutting hazard. Metal desks or filing cabinet drawers with that pinch or crush your hands, or chairs that fall back too far, risking a fall, all have no place in a safe working office environment. They are not only a dangerous liability to one’s office, but also a potential insurance nightmare as well if someone sues for damages after being injured at work.

3. – The Non-Adjustables’

Can’t adjust your office chair properly. Is your back out of whack because of no lumbar support anymore? Can’t adjust up or down for proper posture? Drawers stick on your desk, causing an office ruckus every time you have to wrestle that sticking filing cabinet that won’t open? Does your stand up adjustable desk, only to sit down due to a faulty adjustment mechanism? All these office furniture gigs, add up to the UN-adjustables’ running and ruining one’s daily office life, instead of the office worker running the show. If this is the case at your office, then it is well past time to take back your office from the UN-adjustables,’and get new office furniture that adjusts the way it was designed and supposed to in the first place.

There have been so many ingenious new developments in modern office furniture, with ergonomics being incorporated into almost every piece of office furniture these days. One will find that new office furniture incorporates versatility, adaptability, and, of course, productivity into virtually every piece of today’s modern office furniture made. It is time to put adjustability, back into your daily office routine. Once you go back to office furniture that adjusts properly, you’ll never want to put up with broken Non-adjustable office furniture again.

4. – The Wobbles

That wobbly desk, that chair that’s about to fall apart. That filing cabinet that threatens to fall over and smash some toes every time you open it. The wobbles are irritating and extremely counterproductive when one has to fight with the equipment just to use it. All of these things are liabilities to an office. Nobody likes the wobbles, especially not office workers. Having the wobbles throughout one’s office workspace is a sure telltale sign that the office needs a makeover. Broken office furniture is disabling to the production capabilities of an office and is also not fair to employees who deserve a safe, comfortable, productive working environment that provides up to date functioning office furniture in order to do their daily work properly.

You wouldn’t expect a policeman to speed to a call with a broken siren, a fireman to put out a fire with a hose with a bunch of holes in it, or a soldier to fight with the firing pin missing from his rifle. The standard office worker’s job may not be as dangerous or exciting as the three professions just mentioned. But an office worker shouldn’t be expected to work with faulty equipment either. Give up the past by getting rid of that old embarrassing 80’s style broken down office furniture; you will be glad that you did, and so will the rest of the office. As a boss, or even as your own boss at a home office, it is time to decide on replacing that old office junk with modern, innovating, productivity rejuvenating, new office furniture for the new millennium.

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