A Leather Office Chair New Orleans Football Fans Can Love?

leather office chair New OrleansAre you a big football fan? Are you in the market for a leather office chair? New Orleans Saints fans will be happy to know there is a seating option designed specifically for them. You can prove your team loyalty by parking your rear in a brown and tan chair embellished with your beloved fleur-de-lis from 9 to 5 every weekday. Don’t worry, this is no knockoff. It’s officially licensed by the NFL. If college football is more your style, you can also get quite an eye-popping purples and gold LSU Tigers chair instead. The vendors of these furniture masterpieces claim to offer the best seats in the house – but are these the best seats in the office?

A High Price to Pay for Football Fandom

The pricing for these chairs is actually quite modest. They run somewhere between $350 and $400. But when you start to break down what that actually includes, the chair starts to seem a little cheap. You’ve got to figure at least $100 for the cost of the “top grain” leather and another $50 to $75 for the custom logo work and license fee. That means you’re probably looking at a $250 office chair that’s been tricked out to appeal to the white collar jock. If you’ve ever bought a chair in that price range, you probably know that they don’t feel good for very long. The degree of adjustability is pretty limited. Plus, after a few months the padding gets flattened like a slow quarterback. By the time a year is up, you’ll be ready to retire that fancy leather office chair like it’s Don Fleming’s jersey. You may find yourself wishing you had spent more on function than form and bought a really ergonomic office chair.

5 Ways to Celebrate Your Team at Work Without Killing Your Back

  • Put up a pennant in your cubicle (preferably one that is so big it can wrap around three of your cubicle panels)
  • Wear a football helmet to work (this is great for shutting out the sound of noisy coworkers and will protect you from concussion when you beat your head against the wall in frustration on a bad day)
  • Wear a jersey under your suit blazer (don’t forget your matching clip-on tie!)
  • Throw away all the Styrofoam cups in the break room and replace them with team logo coffee mugs (this will force coworkers to convert and become fans of your team)
  • Paint your face with purple and gold or get a fleur-de-lis decal tattoo on your knuckles (for maximum impact, do this on a day when you know visitors are coming into the office)

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