Can Your New Orleans Cubicles Do Mardi Gras?

Are your New Orleans cubicles being prepped for a crazy Carnival season? The round of Mardi Gras parades is already in full swing with full blown celebrations planned for February 12th this year. Of course, not all of your employees will be able to take time off to see all the action. So, why not bring the party atmosphere into work?

Here are some ideas for ways to have a blast decorating office cubicles between now and Fat Tuesday:

  • Cover cubicle walls temporarily with purple, green or gold fabric and trim them with strings of beads.
  • Let each employee create a supersized mask to cover the opening of their cubicle and create a sense of mystery.
  • Post a list of clues in the break room that will help your employees find the king cake you’ve hidden somewhere in the office.
  • Leave coins and other trinkets in desk drawers for employees to find.
  • Have an office-wide treasure hunt that has a hand painted coconut as the reward.
  • Name a king and queen of the office and request that everyone refer to them by a formal title for a day.

Let each department form a krewe. Then, they can pick a theme and turn one cubicle into a (stationary) float. Dolling up just one cubicle per department lets everyone participate but cuts down on the overall mess. Instead of picking a krewe name based on ancient mythology, office workers may wish to select monikers with a more modern feel. Here are some options:

  • The Krewe of Probst (all hail the inventor of the cubicle)
  • The Krewe of Xerox (we hear they really know how to jam)
  • The Krewe of Aeron (they always get the seat of honor)
  • The Krewe of the Red Stapler (watch out, they may start a brawl)

Want some visuals? The folks at Zappos did their office up for Mardi Gras back in 2009 and we think their decorations turned out great. You can see some fantastic examples at their photo stream on Flickr. Of course, these aren’t New Orleans cubicles, but Nevada is well known for its party atmosphere as well…

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