Can Your Office Decor Increase Energy and Productivity? The Answer May Surprise You!

contemporary office furniture You may not think that the office furniture industry is very big, but with companies purchasing 16.5 million chairs and 3 million computer desks every year in the U.S., the industry may beg to differ. That’s not even counting furniture like cubicles and filing cabinets! There are even seasonal trends in office decor, and much like home decor, your choice in furniture can shape the mood of your space. So how can you use your office furniture to create a productive and positive environment for your employees?

Wait, office furniture can increase productivity?
That’s right! Increasing energy levels and productivity can be as simple as choosing the right work chairs for your employees. Research recently found that productivity in an office setting can be improved by up to 17.5% just by providing the proper chair and training to your employees. Comfort in any setting is key!

How else can furniture improve the office experience?
If someone is working 40 hours a week until retirement, they will have spent just over 90,000 hours in an office setting. Often times, all of those work hours will be spent in the same office environment, as well. Now, if someone has to spend that much time in one office building, it’s bound to get boring pretty quick. But if there’s contemporary office furniture that is updated from time to time, the office immediately becomes more interesting. Office furnishings can really make all the difference in an employee’s perspective and productivity.

What are some other ways to create a positive office environment?
Office cubicles are often the butt of jokes, but in reality, they allow employees to express creativity and craft a personalized space to work in. While cubicles are a more traditional office standard, contemporary office furniture has given them a nice update. Modern desks and cubicles offer the same kind of personalized space for employees, but are more open and encourage a more social work environment. Feeling isolated often stifles an employee’s energy and productivity, but a community building environment can offer a lot of help in that department.

If your office is stuck in 2005, it may be time for new furniture. But that’s not the only reason to update your decor, either. Ensuring that you provide a positive and productive environment for your employees can only lead to more positive things ahead!

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