Check Out Smart Office Desks from NeoCon 2013

varideskThe whirlwind of activity at NeoCon 2013 is over. The dust has settled, and the winners have been declared. At The Office Planning Group, we like to keep an eye on this event to see the newest office furniture. This week, we’ll review one of the top office desks that took home prizes for innovation and great design.


These guys don’t bother coming up with a fancy name for their product. Their company name says it all – their product is a variable height desk. This item won the Silver award in the technology category. So, it’s actually not the ‘top’ office desk. Rather, it’s the desk you put on top of your desk. The company’s tagline promises that their products will “Change the way you work”™. If you’re used to sitting all day, that’s probably true.

This design is the latest iteration in the height adjustable desk trend. It has a couple of benefits over previous styles from other manufacturers. It’s much less expensive than a whole desk or worktable that can be adjusted up and down (either manually or electronically). You don’t have to replace your existing worksurface, just clear enough space to set the VARIDESK on top. The inexpensive price point may put this ergonomic desk within reach for more business owners, and employees may display greater energy and productivity as a result.

No Screws, Nuts or Bolts

Unlike other desktop models, this piece doesn’t have to be bolted down. That means there’s no drilling or modification to existing office desks. It’s also flexible compared to other installed height adjustable desks since it can be moved from one workstation to the next. According to the manufacturer, the VARIDESK can be set up in less than five minutes. Basically, you just have to make sure the cords for all the peripherals are long enough to move without pulling. With just a squeeze, the desktop moves up or down and locks in place.

There are several sizes of VARIDESK to accommodate standard, dual monitor and laptop equipment configurations. The equipment even comes with an app that reminds the user when to switch from sitting to standing and back again. It’s a handy way to make sure your employees get your money’s worth out of their newest ergonomic accessory.

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