Choosing the Right Furniture for your New Orleans Office

used office furniture new orleansBuying office furniture may not rank as a top priority when you are worried about launching your new business,  but it does require some attention. After all, this is your foundation, your cornerstone, your centralized locale for all thing business related – and you may also have staff, clients and vendors who will pass through your space.

  • First, make a list of everything the office needs – for comfort as well as functionality. Don’t forget to consult employees about their preferences.
  • Basic needs include:
    • Filing cabinets
    • A book case
    • Trash cans for the office, reception and bathrooms
    • Coat rack and umbrella stand (this is more important than you think!)
    • Desks, chairs and computer stations for all office employees
    • Chairs, lamps and magazine tables for the waiting area
    • A conference table and chairs if needed
    • Break room amenities such as a coffee maker, microwave, etc.
  • Think about computer accessories and storage units, as well as the basics of desks, lamps and chairs. Space limitations may dictate the installation of mutli-use pieces.
  • Ergonomic desks and chairs  can save you aches, pains and future doctor visits. Don’t be a mean boss – make sure all of your employees have just as good working conditions!
  • You need light fixtures that provide moderately bright, uniform illumination. You may also wish to install lamps with focused or “task” lighting so all work areas and computer monitors are well-lit and glare-free.

Determine your budget. Decide how much you can afford to spend for office furniture, and don’t forget that buying cheap is not the same as having a reasonable budget – keep replacement costs in mind.  You can find used office furniture in good shape if you look around. Try the following:

  • Check out estate auctions and university liquidation sales as well as any sort of business that is closing or relocating.
  • Consult with others in your industry who have furnished their own offices for vendor recommendations.
  • Research retail and wholesale houses before making a purchase by Googling them and verifying info with the BBB or CoC.
  • Discount outlets, department stores, retail establishments, furniture refinishers and resale shops also may offer good finds, but go for quality and expect to refinish if needed.
  • Online purchases can incur high shipping costs, but some bargains are available, especially from wholesalers with flat rate shipping.

Your New Orleans office should reflect the professionalism of your company. Good office furniture is the right place to start!

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