Deciding Between New and Used Office Furniture

furnitureWhen you are taking time to redo your office there are a lot of decisions that need to be made. For starters, you will need to choose the color of paint to be used on the walls and also decide what type of flooring (carpet or tile) will match your office space. Next, you will need to choose the décor and these are just some of the things you will need to consider when redoing your office space. And since this is a lengthy process, you will want to ensure that every decision is well thought, so as to avoid any re-work (which can be both costly and time consuming).

One other aspect of an office redesign is deciding what type of furniture you will require. Depending on your company’s specific budget, you can decide between buying used or brand new furniture. There are many reasons to go with either option. Below are some highlights worth considering when deciding between the two options:

Reasons to choose new office furniture:

  • The furniture will last longer because you are the first to use it.
  • It is easy to find furniture that fits with your specific office style.
  • The furniture will be modern and up to date in terms of style.

Reasons to choose used office furniture:

  • You get higher quality furniture for a lower price point.
  • There are many unique furniture options out there when you buy used.
  • The furniture will look almost brand new if it’s been properly refurbished.

The final decision is ultimately yours.

After weighing all the options, you will need to decide which is the best option for your specific budget. If you or your company need help in making that decision, feel free to contact us and we will gladly assist you throughout the buying process.

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