Deciding on a Layout for Your New Orleans Office

office cubicles New OrleansHow do you decide on the best office layout for your company? A lot depends on the type of business you plan to run, the office culture you expect to house, and the individual needs of your employees.

In New Orleans offices, furniture may take a back seat to the people, since space is often at a premium. You’ll have to choose between huge lavish desks and having enough room for everyone to work. That said, certain office layout details can help promote productivity and a functional workspace.

Keep these concepts in mind as you set up your New Orleans office furniture in your new digs:

 A View

Try to set up the desks in your office so that all workers have a clear view of a window. In fact, when considering your office layout, make the windows the focal point The natural light and view of the outside world is inspirational.  An oblique view is best, however – in the bustle of New Orleans, a direct facing position can lead to distraction!


To save space in smaller offices, you can push desks up against each other so that the workers face each other. Use a small privacy panel if needed so each still has their own privacy when seated.  This can remove the need to purchase cubicles for your office, You should always allow at least a few feet of space between the desk pairings – and if it will work in your space you should arrange each pairing at different angles so you don’t have the sardines in a can feel that comes from lining up “corridors” of desks.  Make an effort to create a grouped or departmental layout, if you have many employees; for example,  keep the sales team in one area, the creative design and tech people in another, and reserve a corner for your own executive desk and secretary.


Equipment such as copy machines, fax machines, printers and other production tools can be located along a wall if the office is small – eliminating cordage running across the floor – or for larger offices you can put them in a central location (this is great for new offices when you can request an outlet in the floor for multiple power jacks). Keep them out of the walkway, and  away from windows and vents.

Laying out your office is important- you and your team will be spending a lot of time there, and getting this right is one of the first things you can do to make your small business a success!


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