Executive Office Furniture New Orleans Students Can Feel Good About

wood veneer deskDo you know who needs to get used to working surrounded by really gorgeous executive office furniture? New Orleans law students do! These young women and men may go on to be some of the brightest attorneys of the 21st century. They deserve the best. If you’ve ever read Ray Bradbury’s short story, “The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit”, you know that the clothes make the man. In the same way, office furniture might make the lawyer.

Office Furniture to Inspire a Generation

Law school shouldn’t be where dreams of money, prestige and the pursuit of justice go to die. It should be where these dreams are born. That’s the perspective of Loyola University Law School, one of our showcase clients. It’s easier for students to take themselves seriously while working in an opulent space that makes them feel important. Hopefully, they end up with a corner office and their very own luxurious furniture one day. For now, they can train with an emulation of the real thing.

The law school decided that they wanted student workers to feel like they were employed in a successful law office. But, like most educational institutions, they didn’t actually have a huge budget to spend just to make an impression. Solid wood furniture and a build out of the space weren’t on the table. It would have cost too much and caused too much downtime.

Furniture That Looks This Good Should Be Illegal!

executive office furniture New OrleansThe Office Planning Group used wood veneered systems furniture with decorative details to look like the real deal. These modular pieces included worksurfaces, storage furniture, and even architectural walls to create meeting rooms. In the end, it all looked very posh and respectable. Of course, it came in within the client’s budget and accomplished their goals with minimal disruption. We’re always careful to keep our commitments to our clients. But when you’re dealing with a bunch of attorneys, that contract has an extra degree of gravitas.

Does your business need affordable executive office furniture? New Orleans Office Planning Group can make your office space look like a million bucks for less!

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