Five Flavors of Cherry for New Orleans Office Furniture

cherry flavorsNew Orleans office furniture should be as rich and interesting as the history of this region in Louisiana. That’s why we offer a remarkable selection of commercial grade office desks and casegoods in a wide variety of finishes. Each design features solid construction with the finest veneers to make wooden office furniture the highlight of your office décor. You can order matching desks, reception terminals, conference tables, storage and even custom-made items in your favorite grain and stain. Here’s just a peek at some of our most popular “flavors” of cherry finish along with ideas for how to pick the best one for your office.

Traditional Cherry

The warm reddish brown of this cherry stain is gorgeous, but it never drowns out the details of your furniture. Use it for even the most ornate, antique inspired desks to draw attention to particularly stunning design and craftsmanship.

Cordovan Cherry

This is a deep stain that marries the warmth of cherry with the depth of mahogany. Its burgundy sheen will remind you of an expensive pair of leather dress shoes with a mirror-like polish. Use this finish to set a serious and imposing tone in an executive office. Or, use it to add surprisingly delicate details for reception area occasional tables.

Light Cherry

Do you really like a cherry stain but still want to see the grain of your wood veneer? A lighter version lets the natural beauty of this classic wood shine through. Opt for this finish in open plan offices where desks are all in plain view (you wouldn’t want to conceal this gorgeous wood with cubicle panels).

Golden Cherry

This warm honey finish provides a modern twist on traditional cherry. It looks almost as sweet as maple and can be used in any area where you want the aesthetic of wood without dark overtones. Refresh and update your office environment by pairing this wood finish with laminates, glass, and textiles.

Empire Cherry

This luscious red cherry makes a bold statement. It doesn’t need fancy detailing to make it pop, the wood speaks for itself. Mix empire with unusual materials like marble, slate or copper to create an opulent office ambience.

Would you like more advice on how to pick really “cherry” New Orleans office furniture? Give us a call anytime.

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