Got Used Office Furniture? Louisiana Charities Could Use It

Are you looking to offload a few items of used office furniture? Louisiana has a number of charitable organizations that offer free pickup at your location. is a free service that matches non-profits with individuals and organizations that wish to donate gently used items. You can simply enter your zip code at their website to find out which non-profits in your area are willing to arrange transportation. This might include the Vietnam Veterans of America, Habitat for Humanity, and other well-known organizations. Goodwill and the Salvation Army also typically do on-site pickup. Many of these organizations are best known for reselling home furniture. However, office furniture can be an even bigger boon if they are trying to furnish their administrative space.

Freecycling Works Too

If you like to build a more direct connection with your community, you can also consider your local group. You’ll be surprised by the number of responses you get within a day of posting your items. Be sure to specify when, where and how the furniture can be picked up including the number of people required to move it and the size of vehicle needed. This is a great way to donate small batches of office furniture to individual business owners. Just a desk or a chair can make a big difference to someone trying to set up a home office. The users who frequent the Freecycle sites may also know of local organizations that could benefit from a direct office furniture donation. You probably won’t get a tax write-off for giving office furniture away on Freecycle. But it does keep the items out of a landfill.

Want to Sell Your Used Office Furniture?

If you have just a few items, Craigslist is probably your best option. But for larger batches, it makes more sense to sell to an office furniture dealer. You’ll get a fair price and no hassle. The Office Planning Group is happy to pay cash for high quality items that are still in very good condition. This is an option our clients enjoy when they are upgrading or downsizing and want to make some money back on their used office furniture. Louisiana businesses can also enlist our help to liquidate their office and remove furnishings in preparation for a move, build out or other transition.

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