Guidelines for Buying Office Filing Cabinets

Office filing cabinets are crucial for keeping your important business documents organized and protected. If you’ve never bought filing cabinets, you may not know what will work best for your office if you don’t know how the various filing cabinets differ. Here are some buying guidelines regarding the types of filing cabinets available, as well as the choices in construction materials. 

Vertical Filing Cabinets 

Vertical filing cabinets are the ones that are the most traditional. As they’re both tall and thin, you can store them in corners, which gives you more room for other furniture. This type of filing cabinet works well for storing documents on a long-term basis because of the compactness of the closed drawers. There are generally three to six drawers in a vertical filing cabinet. This makes file organization easier.

Lateral Filing Cabinets

Because lateral filing cabinets have wide drawers, they’re ideal for storing maps and documents with unusual shapes. They’re also called horizontal filing cabinets as instead of having front-to-back storage, they store files side-to-side. What’s more, they have more room on top for storing extra office supplies.

Rolling Filing Cabinets

This type of filing cabinet is suited for storing documents on a short-term basis. They’re lightweight and don’t have the protective, hard shell of metal cabinets. However, they’re still able to safely store your documents. A rolling cabinet is particularly ideal when you have to move your files from one room to another to make copies or do presentations. 

Construction Materials 

  • Steel—Filing cabinets are usually made of metal because of its strength and longevity. Steel cabinets can endure considerable abuse, while still looking good. Metal filing cabinets used to come in only tan, gray, black and other muted or subdued colors, but today’s metal cabinets are available in even vibrant, bold colors.
  • Wood—Often business owners choose wood filing cabinets for their warm, welcoming look. They work just as well metal cabinets do and are durable so that they can protect documents. Wood cabinets are available in a wide range of colors. For a contemporary look, choose woods with dark, expresso colors.
  • Wicker—Although wicker cabinets aren’t as durable as metal or wooden ones, they can still be useful. They typically have a metal frame that contains baskets or trays constructed of wicker. Businesses often choose this type of filing cabinet for cosmetic reasons. However, because wicker cabinets can give an office a more relaxed look, they’re used more for home offices instead of professional ones.

Considerations and Warnings 

  • Two of the most important considerations involved in selecting the right filing cabinets are the kind of files you need to store and the amount of space you have.
  • If you have to move your files around, consider a mobile filing cart. These carts are usually short and aren’t any higher than 30 inches tall and 15 inches wide. They include hanging file frames and casters that can be locked. You can easily tuck them underneath a desk or table when they’re not being used.

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