How Can You Use Corner Desks in the Office?

Those itty bitty corner desks are a valuable space saving workstation option when your square footage is limited. These are a popular item for home offices where there isn’t a full room that can be a dedicated workspace. But don’t these mini-desks seem out of place in a traditional office setting? That depends on how you use them.

“Go Sit in the Corner”

These aren’t words any employee wants to hear. A corner desk doesn’t exactly have the same cachet as a corner office – especially since there usually isn’t a view. Office workers pay close attention to how much “real estate” each of their coworkers gets. Being given a tiny desk tucked in a corner could be a blow to employee satisfaction.

However, the size of the desk is just part of the problem. The other big issue is that the worker has to sit with his back to the room. That can feel pretty exposed. No one likes imagining that other people can sneak up on them or look over their shoulder all the time. Then again, if you put a freestanding cubicle panel behind them, it would feel pretty lonely in the corner all alone. So, as a substitute for a regular cubicle with an L or U shaped desk, this design is a non-starter.

The Office Hot Spot

On the other hand, corner desks do make an attractive addition to an office if you have a few workers who are usually mobile and just visit headquarters occasionally. They can use one of these mini-workstations as a touchdown point. Since they’re probably using a laptop or a tablet anyway, the limited surface area and lack of storage space aren’t a problem.

The placement can also be ideal for side by side viewing of a monitor by two or three people. So, a corner desk could well turn into an activity hub for impromptu brainstorming sessions or short presentations. If you install a couple of adjustable tablet holders, you could turn the corner desk into an interactive center for your office!

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