Modern Office Furniture: New Orleans AMTRAK

office furniture new orleansTrains are a real blast from the past in terms of long-distance transportation. But they seem to be making a comeback due to the high price of gas. In fact, this “rail” way of getting from one place to another is quite romantic and can be a lot less stressful than navigating through traffic or worrying about car problems on a road trip. Of course, today’s trains are a lot sleeker and more comfortable than the steam engines of old. Along with that modernization of equipment comes the need for more updated office furniture. New Orleans AMTRAK location chose TOPG to revamp its space with furnishings that are a better fit for the electronic age. They wanted an office that looks as modern and efficient as the trains they help keep running.

Amtrak logoBringing AMTRAK Up to Speed

We used cubicle systems and modular furniture to achieve the look and feel this client was going for. Today’s cubes are a little more like passenger cars and less like box cars. They feature plenty of storage space for the “luggage” employees bring with them each day and for materials they’ll use at work. It’s not all glass and powder coated steel, though. In fact, wood laminate has come back into style in a big way (just like train travel is doing). So we were able to create a modern look throughout the office that will still look great in another ten years.

conference table New OrleansThe conference table is particularly nice. It’s on wheels – something you don’t see every day. It’s a fitting homage to the train and also a great way to make a meeting room highly flexible. Another thing we like about the finished project is that there are flowers in every room. Check out the project showcase slideshow and see if you can spot them!

Are You Humming Along Yet?

Thinking about the train route from New Orleans through Memphis and up to Chicago probably reminds you of music. You may have the song about the train they call the City of New Orleans running through your head. So, here’s the classic version by Arlo Guthrie to help you keep chugging along through your weekend. Sing it with us, “Good morning, America, how are you?

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