More Executive Office Furniture New Orleans CEOs Crave

Here’s a follow up to our July 18th post about executive office furniture. New Orleans corner offices aren’t complete unless they have all the furnishings that make the space imposing and functional. Here are a few more picks that will make your office stand out:

Executive Storage Wardrobe

DMI wardrobeAre you one of those ultra-dedicated CEOs who sometimes sleep at the office? Do you just like to make sure you have a fresh shirt for days when the Louisiana heat and humidity get the best of your crisply pressed look? Maybe you like to store your personal effects somewhere other than your desk drawer? You could probably use a freestanding office wardrobe. This double-door beauty from DMI has a sunset cherry finish and European style door hinges. The eight shelves can be spaced just right for your shoes or books, or removed altogether so you can put your golf bag inside.

Xten Chair

xtenSpeaking of sports, if you are frequent visitor at Revolution Park for the NASCAR races, you might lust after an office chair that is built for those who love fast cars. The Xten by Pininfarina (the design firm behind the genius of Ferrari and Maserati) brings you the ultimate seating sculpture. This chair features flexible, breathable fabric use by Olympic athletes and Technogel cushioning that supposedly reduces seating pressure and fatigue by over 60 percent. The chair comes with a full complement of ergonomic adjustments to put you in gear for your workday.

Jet Set Desk

Here’s another design inspired by finely engineered objects. The Jumbo Jet Executive Desk from MotoArt will leave no doubt about who is the captain of your company. This C-suite special looks like the fuselage of an airplane – because it’s made of vintage airplane parts. The windows along the surface of the desk don’t give you a view from 30,000 feet, but you can have them equipped with LEDs, digital photographs or iPads for an extra techno touch. The rest of the pieces from this high-fashion office furniture design house feature many other airplane parts, so be sure to browse the whole collection.

Do you want to decorate your space with remarkable and unique executive office furniture? New Orleans-based Office Planning Group can put together a “look book” just for you.

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