New Orleans Office Cubicles don’t have to be Cookie Cutter

cubicles-overheadIf you lease or purchase office space in New Orleans, revamping your square footage with office partitions or dividers may be the best way to utilize space previously designed for any number of other purposes. The goal is to always give employees the work environment they need to operate at maximum productivity. While building new walls is one answer, office partitions can be a little more flexible, letting you create a variety of office spaces based on your needs instead of a cookie cutter approach.

Room Dividers

The first step to breaking up a monotonous large space is to invest in office partitions, which can be prefabricated then delivered/installed as needed. While some partitions go floor to ceiling,  a similar product can be used that only reaches to average head height – with the remaining height filled with glass to let in light.

Office Cubicle Partitions

Smaller office partitions can installed at individual workstations; these include both freestanding cubicle panels and desk mounted privacy panels. The nice thing about removable modules is that you can choose from a variety of heights and change the cubicle dimensions at will, allowing for a more open feeling or a more private cubicle as needed.


By offering a more senior employee the option of a larger workspace you can attract better talent to work in your New Orleans office. Furniture options can be upgraded to suit a more prestigious space, and additional perks may be offered as well – like exclusive use of a station in a situation where many must share with others.


Using partitions to offer specialized areas of the office can also work to your advantage when it comes to maintaining employee satisfaction and morale – consider a sound protected area for important or sensitive phone calls, and designate one area as a break room if needed.

If you really want to make an impact and be known as a terrific small or large business to work for, you can even have a secluded room for private matters such as pumping breast milk or administering insulin shots for employees who might feel uncomfortable or cramped doing it in the less sanitary conditions of the lavatory.

Use your space wisely and watch office space planning for your Louisiana business pay off!

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