New Orleans Office Furniture Accessories

french deskYou’ve got a chair; you’ve got a desk; what else does your New Orleans office need? Accessories are a must when you are trying to impress, so stop and think for a moment about what you want to get across when someone walks in and how to get it across on your budget.

If flooring is a bit scuffed, a new rug can make all of the difference. Buying a used one and having it cleaned is a good options if you can’t drop a grand on a new Oriental – but go for something that won’t show stains if anyone tracks dust or dirt or mud into your office. A designer rug centered in front of your executive desk can make a terrific first impression.

Artwork for the walls is another must. In addition to any business certificates, college degrees, etc – you can have simple prints by well known authors matted and framed or even go local for some New Orleans art that complements your space and supports your community artists.

Lighting, if not built in and wired to go, should be bright but not too direct. Consider well placed tall lamps on the floor and a few smaller ones on side tables and fool around until the lighting is perfect. Don’t go for fussy and ornate – lamps attract dust and cleaning them should be easy. Switch out shades every year and get a whole new look.

Seating for guests should be comfortable and attractive. Go for a small couch or chairs with a fairly short seat depth and a cushioned but not overly soft seat so visitors don’t get lost when they sit down and require a crane for extraction. If your office may have clients come in with their children, have a children’s corner with appropriate quiet toys and books and a small table and chair setting.

If you have a large reception area,  a television with cable service is a good idea. This can help distract clients from their wait and add to the ambiance of the room. A plant is also fine, but pick something easy to care for! Overall, your accessories should complement your office, not overwhelm it.



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