New Orleans Office Planning Consultations

office space planning LouisianaAre you remodeling, restructuring or building new offices? Is so, you could probably use some expert advice about office space planning.

At The Office Planning Group, we have a team of New Orleans design professionals who are ready and able to assist you with a FREE planning consultation. e don’t offer template solutions, or “one size fits all” plans – when we evaluate your space, we do so with an eye to functionality, comfort and professionalism, not just to create something based on current trends that have no basis in  the realities of working in an office!

We start with figuring out the foundation data for your office and build from there. Once we know how much space you have, how many people will be expected to work in it and visit it on an average day, and what the space will be used for, we can:

  • Create an optimized suggested layout to fit all necessary equipment and workstations  into the available space
  • Ensure an excellent work flow and the feel of an environment with “elbow room for all”
  • Design forward thinking components  for modularity and flexibility so you can reconfigure or expand as needed
  • Select ergonomic office furnishings to increase productivity and employee retention by providing a healthy, comfortable work environment
  • Coordinate aesthetic accessories to create an office design that speaks volumes about your brand

Our goal is to work closely with you to develop and implement a plan that turns your office space into a platform of efficiency and comfort. We don’t base our recommendations off of blueprints or photos. Instead, we perform on-site evaluations as part of the no-charge consultation process so we can fully understand your business needs. Then we can work with you to

  • Maximizes your available square footage with a cohesive floor plan
  • Create a book with materials, colors and textures to help pin down the perfect “look” for your office
  • Re3commend furniture dealers and manufacturers that meet your needs and your budget
  • Provide initial 3D computerized drawings that let you “view” the suggested office space plan before final implementation

Office space planning in New Orleans and surrounding areas is what we do, so you won’t have to stress about it. Contact us for a free, no-obligation consult today.


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