New Vs. Used Vs. Remanufactured Cubicles: Which Should You Buy?

office cubiclesNew, used, remanufactured, what’s the difference when buying office cubicles? There is a big difference in price between the three, and also in what the best ways are to utilize each of them in a professional office setting – All of which is included in this informative article.

There are several options to be considered when purchasing office cubicles. Some people may not be aware of having a third choice besides just new or used. Remanufactured office cubicles are an economical option, and can offer just as many design options as buying new. Buying used can be a great way to save money on cubicles. But used has its place, and is not appropriate in certain office situations. In order to decide what the best option is for your office, we will take a look at the merits of buying new, used, or remanufactured cubicles, in order to find the best fit for your business.

Buying New

The great thing about buying new office cubicles is that the process is pretty straightforward once you have shopped around for the best office furniture vendor. Many of the details involved in purchasing office cubicles can be filled out on the Merchandisers’ website, even in live chat mode on some sites, so you can conveniently save time, and properly clarify your purchase in order to avoid any costly and inconvenient mistakes on your order.

Buyers Checklist:

#1. Find out your office needs and the needs of your employees, and then select the right cubicle.

#2. Once you know the quantity you will need and the configurations of the cubicles. Then you can perfect your new office layout.

#3. Make sure to compliment your new office cubicle’s color scheme with the color theme of your office. Mix and match with color swatches first, so that you won’t be disappointed later if it doesn’t match.

#4. Lastly! Be sure that if you are either buying new cubicles online, or are face to face with an actual salesman, that before you click on, or sign that buyer’s contract, you have clearly conveyed and provided your choices of cubicle type, measurement specifications, and special configurations. And don’t forget all of the little things that become big things later
– Like power stations, phone outlets, entry point locations, and where you want them all!

Buying Used

Used furniture from reputable liquidation houses is going to be the most economical bargain when trying to save some money on office furniture, especially when buying in big discounted lots. Used office cubicles are, of course, always going to be pre-owned, but office furniture stores that specialize in selling used, normally buy from bankruptcy liquidation firms that sell their furniture in good to fair condition. Make sure that when buying used, a high standard is kept up as far as the merchandise that is offered. There are always other purveyors waiting in line with a better product somewhere to make you a much better deal on quality used office cubicles.

The perils of buying used office cubicles, though, is that it can defeat the whole purpose of redecorating, or it can also make a new office space look old already. The other bummer about buying used office cubicles is that you are inevitably saving money because of some poor past business’ financial troubles and subsequent liquidation. For most people, it’s just a good deal on used office cubicles. The facts of life are that someone’s loss is usually always someone’s gain in the business world.

Buying Remanufactured

Recycled furniture helps the environment by creating less manufacturing emissions than new cubicle production. Fewer factory emissions help to control the effects of global warming as well. One of the best aspects of buying remanufactured office cubicles is that it also helps the business community save big money when it comes to upgrading an existing office, or starting a new one. Every business can appreciate saving money on a comparable product.

The process takes “Fair” to “Litely Used” cubicles, and then strips them down to their original frames. The factory then replaces all of the parts that need to be repaired, reattach new outer surfaces with modern styles, bringing the cubicles back to a virtually “Like New” condition. The end product is usually much cheaper than buying brand new office cubicles. Most people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between remanufactured cubicles, and new office cubicles if their lives depended on it.

Choosing this option when buying office cubicles also allows the consumer a lot more extra choices in the design process. When pre-ordering large lots of recycled cubicles, one is normally able to custom order their new cubicle designs when buying remanufactured. Many factories in this industry can match, create, and accommodate many different design plans for the client when pre-ordering large lots of cubicles. This makes choosing to buy remanufactured both economical and convenient for the company’s office designer.

Office furniture is a serious business purchase that can affect how your office looks and functions for years to come. This is why such a major business decision shouldn’t be taken for granted. New, used, remanufactured, now that your options are clear, you can focus on all of the planning that goes into buying office cubicles. Your office reflects exactly what you stand for; this is why great care should be taken in deciding on the right look. Regardless of whether you choose to buy new, used or remanufactured cubicles for your office, you can take pride in knowing that you did your research and found the best price, style, and representation of how you do business.

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