Office Design Louisiana Businesses Can Count On

Are you interested in top quality, customized office design? Louisiana offers some of the most comprehensive services in the nation right here in the New Orleans area. The Office Planning Group’s team of experts gives your company full service from initial consultation all the way through installation and delivery. We believe that attention to detail matters from the start. As our president, Jerry Maxwell says, “An office doesn’t just happen. It really needs to be planned.”

Unfortunately, we’ve seen plenty of offices in our day that did just kind of “happen” over time. These are some of the characteristics of such offices:

  • Cheap furniture that looked good for a couple of years but is starting to fall apart now
  • Lots of wasted space because items were added randomly as needed without considering how they affect the overall floor plan
  • Clutter that interferes with the flow of work
  • A mismatch between the aesthetic of the office furniture and the corporate culture/company brand
  • Old and new furnishings that don’t blend well mixed up together, making both look out of place
  • Furniture that is not modular, limiting flexibility for reorganization
  • Pieces from “no name” manufacturers that aren’t in business any longer, eliminating the possibility of expansion using OEM components
  • Tension among employees over who gets the “good” furniture since there is so much variation in quality
  • A few really nice pieces, but too much focus on the furniture rather than the functionality it delivers

If your office design fits any of these descriptions, don’t be embarrassed. Office design and furniture procurement is something most businesses do very rarely – and it’s often easiest to just let things grow “organically” while you focus on other things. Just realize that you can actually help your company become more efficient and profitable with the right planning. You don’t necessarily have to start over from scratch (although we’re more than happy to help you do that). We can assist you in getting a handle on your current inventory so you know what can be repurposed and what needs to be upgraded. Our space planning and design consultation happens on-site, so we really get a feel for where things strayed off course. Call us today to schedule a free visit – let’s plan together!

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