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office space planning LouisianaAre you concerned that you don’t have the budget to carry through with the ideal version of your office space planning? Louisiana State University’s Healthcare Network faced the same problem. The University’s Eye Care clinic was strapped for cash but had an ambitious concept in mind for their offices. Their idea was to have built-in wall and cabinetry features throughout the clinic. They just didn’t have the funds to make that happen.

Building  Walls Is Costly

If you’ve ever priced a retrofit of a built space, you know it’s a big project with a lot of associated costs. First, you have to tear out what’s already in place – which is a highly disruptive and messy process. It’s not just the interior walls that have to go. The carpet has to come up as well since the new walls can’t simply be built over existing carpet. Then, you have to somehow schedule renovations including cutting, sanding and painting without shutting down your entire office for the duration. You’d better be very, very sure of your final plan, too. Making changes later isn’t going to be an option.

Drywall construction is also a wasteful process since the materials you remove can’t be recycled. Plus, you cut out doors and windows after the new walls are built, sending even more material to the landfill. Dealing with dust and VOCs from the demolition and reconstruction process can pose significant indoor air quality challenges as well.

Let Your Furniture Be Your Walls

Our cost-effective and easy to install solution for the Eye Clinic involved using systems furniture to create a new internal landscape. Our highly efficient team installed the whole shebang over the weekend so not a single patient appointment had to be rescheduled. There was no need to rip up the carpet or interfere with any of the internal structure of the building.

These deep purple workstation panels and movable walls aren’t just eye-catching. They are also flexible if the client needs a future redesign. In fact, organizations save money compared to built-in solutions every time they reconfigure. It’s ROI that keeps giving you a return. Plus, most systems furniture can be recycled at the end of its lifecycle instead of being dumped in the landfill. That makes these purple walls pretty green if you ask us!

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