Open Plan Office Space: New Orleans Accounting Firm Project

There’s a reason a lot of companies that employ knowledge workers don’t care much for a completely open plan office space. New Orleans accounting firm, Bruno & Tervalon, is one example of a business that needed a better mix of open and closed spaces. Accounting and financial consulting are jobs that aren’t always best served by everyone being in the same room all the time. Ideally, this kind of work requires several different types of space:

  • Private offices for work that requires concentration (and for high level or confidential one-on-one consultations with clients)
  • Collaborative work areas for team efforts (including open areas and enclosed conference or meeting rooms)
  • Traditional workstations for administrative work (these can be with or without cubicle walls depending on the desired degree of visual/noise privacy and limitation of distractions)

In our project showcase, you can see how we achieved the goals of our client. Here’s a quick overview of some of the details that made this project such a success:

  • Honey-colored wood veneer and plenty of curving lines that make the workstations look warm and inviting
  • Rounded end sections on workstations to create collaborative spaces for quick conferencing
  • Acoustic paneling surrounding workstation clusters to provide better noise control without making coworkers feel isolated
  • Low panels dividing workstations to create a sense of personal space (the wood dividers that include shelving on top to hold a potted plant or picture frame are particularly nice)
  • Lots of overhead and in-desk storage space since accounting is still a paper-resource intensive industry
  • Matching components in private and shared work areas, including fabric paneling and wood desks, for a consistent look and feel throughout the workspace

wood workstations officesFor the private offices, OPG installed near ceiling-height movable acoustic walls complete with doors that close. These are much less expensive than built-in offices and the fact that the walls don’t touch the ceiling makes lighting and ventilation less complicated. Working with an accounting firm is always a pleasure because they’re smart with their money!


Are you considering remodeling your open plan office space? New Orleans Office Planning Group can help you do this quickly and affordably. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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