Pros and Cons of Used and Refurbished Office Cubicles

used cubiclesIf your company is ready for some fresh office cubicles, buying new isn’t the only way to go. The Office Planning Group can furnish you with remanufactured and gently used workstations at a fraction of the price. In fact, you can expect to reduce your costs 30 to 60 percent by purchasing second-hand furniture – even for the top name brands. Here are some of the pros and cons that can help you decide if this option is right for you:

Pros of Refurbished Cubes:

  • An environmentally responsible choice since it keeps older office furniture out of landfills
  • Fresh paint, new fabric and refinished worksurfaces mean every item looks just like new
  • Ideal for small to mid-sized businesses that want to redo their offices or expand without overrunning their budget
  • Some refurbished items may be finished with custom colors and textiles for corporate branding
  • Cubicles are refinished in the United States, helping keep jobs here

Pros of Used Cubes

  • The most eco-friendly option since the only energy and materials consumption is for transporting and storing the workstations prior to sale
  • All items inspected for functional defects – TOPG only resells items in excellent condition
  • One year warranty included just in case
  • Ideal for small businesses looking for small batches (a few dozen) or single items
  • Low financial commitment that makes sense for startups
  • No lead time since items are in stock and ready to go

Cons of Refurb and Used Cubes

The most obvious drawback of buying secondhand office cubicles is that you have a narrower selection. However, some customers actually find that to be a plus. Business owners who are looking to equip an office fast don’t necessarily need to look at 100 different options. They just need good quality cubes that can be delivered and installed ASAP.

The other potential issue with buying secondhand is that you may have to compromise on having everything match. However, there are ways around this. For example, OEM parts are still available to expand and reconfigure cubicles for many of the most popular models from leading furniture makers. We know how to identify the exact items you need when it’s time to expand. Or, we can help you decide whether a mix and match approach will work with similar but not identical cubicles.

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