Rethinking Your Conference Tables

conference tableIs the big conference room a thing of the past? Both management and employees find the new trend of moving the conference tables out of single-purpose conference rooms a welcoming one. The trend is moving towards smaller, more efficient meetings in spaces that foster comfort and collaboration. But taking advantage of that change needs some advance planning. Here are some questions to consider when reorganizing your office:

Do you really need a big, traditional conference room?

This depends on your business. If you have a lot of confidential meetings with clients, you probably need a proper conference room. But consider how many people usually use that room? Is it tied up most of the day with only four or five people? Could you use a smaller table, for a cozier, more collaborative feel? Or break the room into two rooms with a divider?

How many conference tables do you need, and what size?

First, decide how many people, on average, will be using the tables. If your business is made up of teams who need to meet frequently, consider the size of the team. If most of your teams consist of four to six people, you’d be better off using smaller tables. A big plus is that smaller tables can always be pushed together when necessary.

Where do you place the tables?

Gone are the days of shoving a table in a windowless space. Many studies have shown that natural light — especially Louisiana light! — and views foster creative thinking: a cheerful space relaxes people. Consider getting rid of or reconfiguring some cubicle or other space to make new meeting space.

Professional planning can help you solve your space concerns for a more productive workspace. Contact us for a professional assessment of your space.

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