See the Desks New Orleans Colleges Get Jazzed About

desks New OrleansOffice workers aren’t the only people who need great desks. New Orleans students at the Loyola College of Music and Fine Arts do too! We’ve already talked about the project we did for the law school that is part of the university. But our work didn’t stop there. The educational institution also had a need for furnishings in a new “music lab”. This is where students go to learn about music education, performance, the music industry, and much more. The university even boasts the third oldest program in music therapy in the United States.

Of course, students in this setting need to get comfortable with using a keyboard. This is the go-to instrument for learning everything from music theory to rhythm, accompaniment, composition and much more. The stuff you can do with even an inexpensive Yamaha these days has to be heard to be believed!

Making sure everyone is (literally) on the same page during class requires having a place to put a separate keyboard for each and every person in attendance. Portable keyboard stands won’t do for this kind of educational setting. They tip over too easily and aren’t multi-purpose. Students need a durable, stable surface to hold their instrument. It also has to accommodate the electrical components of today’s keyboards and provide space for all the accessories. This includes both a computer monitor and a sound mixing board. Kind of makes you nostalgic for the days when all you needed was a good Hohner harmonica to learn how to play some great music…

Our Solution for a Game of Musical Desks

A benching solution on casters complete with data and electric management formed the core of the solution for this client. Comfortable task chairs completed the setup.

The Office Planning Group selected furnishings that could:

  • Provide a substantial surface for the instruments
  • House all the associated music and computer gadgetry
  • Offer each student an ergonomic and flexible learning station

The end result gave the “Music Lab” a modern look that fits with the university’s cutting edge music program. If your educational institution is looking for desks, New Orleans’ premier Office Planning Group can help you hit all the right notes.

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