New Orleans Office Furniture Options Part One: Desks

french deskPurchasing New Orleans office furniture starts with your desk. What kind do you need, what kind do you want, and what kind meets all of your desires while fitting in your space?  The price tag is just the beginning – you’ll need to consider the pros and cons of  L-shaped vs U-shaped, and explore storage options and data capabilities.

What size desk is best? 

Buying a desk based on all factors EXCEPT size can lead to embarrassment on move in day when the desk won’t fit the space and you end up looking like an egotistical idiot.  Take proper measurements of your workspace (triple check) and make the size one of the main criterion when choosing your New Orleans office furniture. Remember that if you want to add guest chairs, a book shelf or a filing cabinet, that that will reduce your available footprint. Also take into consideration the doors in your office and how they open to avoid collisions.

What shape desk is best? 

You can always go with a straight looking executive, but also consider an L-shaped, U-shaped or double pedestal desk. An L-shaped or double pedestal desk will fit well in a small office, while a U-shaped desk is perfect for larger offices and instances where more surface area is needed or workspace will be shared. Don’t ignore corner desks – they can fit neatly in your space and are great if you don’t need client meeting space integrated.

Do you need storage?

Know your storage needs and the prospective desk’s storage options. Is there a hutch, a bookshelf, or but in cupboards? You should pick a desk that has enough storage to handle your needs.  You can also purchase a set with a desk and a separate hutch or shelving to make storing items neatly and out of the way a possibility.

What about color?

The style or finish is the final consideration. When buying New Orleans office furniture, you may want to match existing pieces. If not, go with your gut – will dark cherry or mahogany look better, or are you better off with a pine or maple finish?

The desk you choose should be something you will be happy with for a long time, as a new desk is an investment! Make the right choice!

New Orleans Office Furniture – Oldie But Goodie?

used office furniture new orleansWhat kind of vibe do you want your office to give off? If you have a New Orleans office, furniture that fits with the glory days of the town might be in order. Executive office desks made of heavy wood and stained rich colors still have a place amidst modern styles that favor lightweight wood board, plenty of metal, and black or chrome highlights.

The credenza pictured opposite is another type of furniture that could give your office a warm and luxurious fee. While many office spaces resort to cookie cutter pieces when looking for supplemental furniture, The Office Planning Group seeks to bring inspiration to every corner of the office with fine pieces that feature character.

Using this credenza as a kind of reception concierge space allows you to offer guests refreshment as well as a place to make a call or take a note as needed. For an even fancier feel, real glassware and mugs could be provided instead of plastic and foam cups. A mini-fridge with custom labeled bottles of water is also a nice touch.

You should also pay attention to how each piece fits in with existing decor. This credenza is placed in an office in which the existing desks and chairs have the same style and wood stain, providing a balanced and even look to clients. Executive desks can be placed against walls or in an L or U arrangement or even back to back  if space is tight, allowing room for multiple people to use the same workspace – thanks to the opulence of days gone past, a large wooden desk is likely to be large enough that there will be plenty of room for everyone.

Think outside the box when it comes to decorating your New Orleans office. Don’t jump in with the slickest (or the cheapest) option you ca find with bland, boring pieces that would be interchangeable with a dozen other offices in the vicinity, Your office furniture is a major part of your first impression, so think about investing in real, old style wood pieces that will stand the test of time and changing fashion.




New Orleans Office Furniture Options – Mobile Workspaces

Mobile computer desks could be the perfect solution for your New Orleans office. Furniture that is readily movable is ideal for today’s flexible workplace environment, allowing workers to configure and reconfigure the space they are working in as teams are formed and dissolved and projects expand and contract.

The benefits of using mobile computer desks include:

  • Mobility. Movable computer desks mean that changing the layout of your office space only takes a few minutes. High quality wheel casters permit movable computer desks to be shifted as needed, allowing the workplace to evolve over time without too much heavy lifting.
  • Flexibility. A mobile computer desk for each employee can be a great way to manage the need for temporary teams – simple shift desk into a “pod” for the time period during which the team needs to collaborate, and then allow desks to be separated again when the need for close quarters is over.
  • Space-efficiency. Moveable desks allow work spaces not in use to be literally shoved into a closet, freeing up extra square footage for other uses, such as project display boards or a larger table for laying out papers or blueprints on.

Mobile desks also have the advantage of not being as personal, permitting several people to use the same workstation without such a sense of propitiatory ownership. For offices with flex schedules when people work different shifts or telecommuters who only need to pop in once and a while and grab some workspace while they are there, the mobile work station can simplify things.

Movable desks don’t have to have wheels. Many desk components can be purchased in pieces which can be put together in a variety of configurations, and the individual components are not too heavy to move easily. A pair of corner desks can be turned into a large U or T, while four can create a square “round” table or a large I. These configurations can be helpful in offices where people need to work together and space is at a premium. As needed, components can be split off and removed to far corners of the room, creating private spaces where phone calls and other business can be carried out in relative privacy.

Look into New Orleans Office Furniture that allows flexibility and discover who a transient layout could improve your efficiency.

New Orleans Office Furniture Choices: Advantages of Corner Desks

Is a corner desk the right choice for New Orleans office furniture? It depends on a variety of factors, including the size of the available space, the use to which it will be put, the personality and working style of the people using it, and so on. To help you decide if corner desks could be a good option for your own office in New Orleans, furniture advantages are as follows:

Corner Desk Advantages

  • Fit in small office. The corner desk is compact and as the name indicates can be it neatly into a corner if needed.   The design is focused on maximum efficiency, and “compact”  in this case does NOT mean “small”.
  • Use space wisely. The corner desk may be a fave of telecommuters, but small business offices are starting to use them more and more as a viable option. They utilize floor space in a way that leaves plenty of room for other furniture and items, and can be embellished with high cabinets on each facing wall to offer even more room for files.
  • Multi purpose. The integrated storage that most corner desks offer is in the form of shelves or counters under and / or over the desk. Being able to keep extra reams of paper, an in and out box, ink cartridges for the fax / printer and so on at your fingertips is a great reason to invest in a heavy duty corner desk.
  • Distraction free. If a corner desk is situated in a corner, it naturally puts the user’s back to the room, providing a veritable cone of privacy. Most workers find they are more productive when facing a wall or corner since this allows them to shut out the comings, goings, and conversations of those behind them.
  • Versatile. Corner desks can be used in a variety of configurations. They can be put together to form a large U shape to create a decent arrangement for a conference room, or can be butted against each other to form a T and used by four or more team members.

If you are looking for a New Orleans office furniture item that is practical, affordable and flexible, the corner desk might be your best option.



Executive Office Furniture Louisiana VIPs Can Put in their Corner Office

Have you recently received a promotion, or are you renovating your corner office? You may decide it’s time to make a real statement with your executive office furniture. Louisiana has a rich cultural heritage, so there are lots of different styles you could choose to honor your home state. Here are a few items that you might enjoy in your office (just not all together since they don’t match!)

French Baroque Desk

french deskDo you love the French quarter? This gorgeous executive office desk is inspired by the ornate decor that graced the courts of Louis the 13th through Louis the 15th. It’s hand-crafted of solid, exotic cedar stained to a rich mahogany semi-gloss finish. The curlicue hardware is custom, hand-forged iron and the wood is finished with five coats of hand rubbed lacquer. The granite inlays in the top give this desk a luxurious surface that’s cool to the touch. It’s 100% made in America, so you can feel good about keeping master craftsmen in business.

Huntwood Executive Credenza

Executive credenzaSometimes, a well-designed storage cabinet can upstage even the most imposing executive desk. That’s the case with this elaborately detailed cherry credenza and bookcase. Crown and dentil molding, appliques, fluted columns and other architectural touches will hypnotize visitors who come to your office. Your designer will have a field day dressing this furniture up to display artwork, family photos, awards, books, and other decorations.  We think this piece is as pretty as a Louisiana debutante.

Irish Side Table

side tableLouisiana is one of the most delightful melting pots in the United States. We take in all comers and invite them to make the most of their talents. We couldn’t close this post without mentioning The Office Planning Group’s own featured artist, Liam O-Brian. He’s a Dublin transplant who has been living in New Orleans since 1985. Here, he’s made a name for himself with Celtic-inspired furniture. We think one of his custom-designed glass-topped side tables would look at home in any well-appointed executive office. Don’t you?

Stay tuned for next week’s installment where we explore even more designs for modern executive office furniture. Louisiana clients who are looking for one-stop shopping can contact TOPG to put together a whole collection of carefully hand-picked items for their office.

See the Desks New Orleans Colleges Get Jazzed About

desks New OrleansOffice workers aren’t the only people who need great desks. New Orleans students at the Loyola College of Music and Fine Arts do too! We’ve already talked about the project we did for the law school that is part of the university. But our work didn’t stop there. The educational institution also had a need for furnishings in a new “music lab”. This is where students go to learn about music education, performance, the music industry, and much more. The university even boasts the third oldest program in music therapy in the United States.

Of course, students in this setting need to get comfortable with using a keyboard. This is the go-to instrument for learning everything from music theory to rhythm, accompaniment, composition and much more. The stuff you can do with even an inexpensive Yamaha these days has to be heard to be believed!

Making sure everyone is (literally) on the same page during class requires having a place to put a separate keyboard for each and every person in attendance. Portable keyboard stands won’t do for this kind of educational setting. They tip over too easily and aren’t multi-purpose. Students need a durable, stable surface to hold their instrument. It also has to accommodate the electrical components of today’s keyboards and provide space for all the accessories. This includes both a computer monitor and a sound mixing board. Kind of makes you nostalgic for the days when all you needed was a good Hohner harmonica to learn how to play some great music…

Our Solution for a Game of Musical Desks

A benching solution on casters complete with data and electric management formed the core of the solution for this client. Comfortable task chairs completed the setup.

The Office Planning Group selected furnishings that could:

  • Provide a substantial surface for the instruments
  • House all the associated music and computer gadgetry
  • Offer each student an ergonomic and flexible learning station

The end result gave the “Music Lab” a modern look that fits with the university’s cutting edge music program. If your educational institution is looking for desks, New Orleans’ premier Office Planning Group can help you hit all the right notes.