Best of NeoCon 2014: Workplace Benching and Storage Systems


Telescope by Knoll

This post rounds out our month of celebrating the Best of NeoCon 2014. We’ll finish up with a set of workplace benching solutions and storage systems to make the most of available office space.

Peer into the Future of the Workplace with Knoll

The Telescope from Knoll’s Antenna collection takes benching to the next level buy making it height adjustable. Users can move their own worksurface independently from their coworkers to achieve perfect ergonomic balance. Pneumatic and powered controls are available to make the process easy or very easy. The Telescope sees to it that workers get the full package integrated into their bench space. There are lighting controls, privacy screens, monitor support, wire and power management, and more.

inscapeInscape to Escape the Outdated Office

The Inscape Bench is designed with workers of all ages in mind. This is yet another sit-to-stand bench solution that fits with the agile workstyle. There’s plenty of cable capacity and lots of power and data access to make sure everyone’s technology stays connected. Spine options make this system readily extensible and the worksurface can be divided with screens or upmounted storage to create a sense of personal space. Secure storage areas can hold devices, CPUs, and personal items to give workers more freedom to move about the office.

Bridging the Storage Gap with JRB Studio

straddlepedThe Straddle Ped was developed to bring under-desk storage to the new world of height-adjustable worktables. While standard mobile pedestals may not be able to squeeze under a desktop that’s been moved all the way down to its lowest setting, the Straddle Ped can still move with ease. It’s also got a unique rolling frame that’s configured to straddle table legs, making it highly maneuverable. The interior is a nice change from traditional steel as well, with felt padded and felt-lined compartments to lovingly cradle devices and office supplies.

That’s it for the Best of NeoCon here at TOPG. To see even more award winning products, visit the photo gallery hosted by Contract. No matter what you find that you simply must have, contact TOPG. We can help you get it for your office!

Best of NeoCon 2014: Tables, Tables, Tables!

Match from Davis Furniture

Match from Davis Furniture

No work environment is complete without the horizontal surfaces that support the work being done. This year’s NeoCon brought to light a number of occasional and work tables in very unusual styles. There’s really something for every company.

Davis Furniture—A Match Made in Heaven?

This boxy little beauty called “Match” is like the Mobius strip of side tables. It’s hard to tell which surface is the inside and which is the outside. It’s a simple and truly seamless design made of welded steel. Davis Furniture touts this as the puzzle piece that solves your design problems. The polished appearance and sturdy construction make it more than a match for the modern office space.

HBF—Triscape Does the Trick

The Triscape table is a favorite this year because of how it fits into the office lounge landscape. The triangular shape cries out for artistic arrangement in concert with clusters of equally inviting Triscape benches. The line between the two types of furniture is blurred with the addition of a tiny, round, padded seat to turn the low table into a miniature workspace. Specify the stainless steel base with attractive laminate, premium oak, or solid surface tops.

Peter Pepper Products—The GoTo Worktable

The charmingly named Peter Pepper Products company wins recognition again with this year’s worktable design. The standing height GoTo Worktable serves as a touchdown spot for short term assignments and multi-taskers. The wall-mounted version is particularly space-friendly, allowing you to make full use of the perimeter of a room. A foot rail can be added if a stool will be provided for seated work, and a wall panel can conceal cabling and wiring. Hooks adorn the table as a place to hang purses or satchels for workers on the go.

BOLD Furniture—The Bold Table Choice

BOLDThis piece of furniture was conceived to make a statement in the workplace. It’s the table that marries the technology of a sit-to-stand workstation with the attractive and convenient design of a double-pedestal desk. The worksurface can be set anywhere from 22-48 inches to accommodate workers across a range of heights. The storage travels with the desktop, keeping everything within easy reach with less bending, stooping, and twisting. Perforated modesty panels balance the stature of the desk, and provide a little below-desk privacy for seated and standing workers.

Stay tuned next week for more Best of NeoCon surprises!

Check Out Smart Office Desks from NeoCon 2013

varideskThe whirlwind of activity at NeoCon 2013 is over. The dust has settled, and the winners have been declared. At The Office Planning Group, we like to keep an eye on this event to see the newest office furniture. This week, we’ll review one of the top office desks that took home prizes for innovation and great design.


These guys don’t bother coming up with a fancy name for their product. Their company name says it all – their product is a variable height desk. This item won the Silver award in the technology category. So, it’s actually not the ‘top’ office desk. Rather, it’s the desk you put on top of your desk. The company’s tagline promises that their products will “Change the way you work”™. If you’re used to sitting all day, that’s probably true.

This design is the latest iteration in the height adjustable desk trend. It has a couple of benefits over previous styles from other manufacturers. It’s much less expensive than a whole desk or worktable that can be adjusted up and down (either manually or electronically). You don’t have to replace your existing worksurface, just clear enough space to set the VARIDESK on top. The inexpensive price point may put this ergonomic desk within reach for more business owners, and employees may display greater energy and productivity as a result.

No Screws, Nuts or Bolts

Unlike other desktop models, this piece doesn’t have to be bolted down. That means there’s no drilling or modification to existing office desks. It’s also flexible compared to other installed height adjustable desks since it can be moved from one workstation to the next. According to the manufacturer, the VARIDESK can be set up in less than five minutes. Basically, you just have to make sure the cords for all the peripherals are long enough to move without pulling. With just a squeeze, the desktop moves up or down and locks in place.

There are several sizes of VARIDESK to accommodate standard, dual monitor and laptop equipment configurations. The equipment even comes with an app that reminds the user when to switch from sitting to standing and back again. It’s a handy way to make sure your employees get your money’s worth out of their newest ergonomic accessory.