Breathable Office Chairs: Louisiana Summertime Seating Comfort

Do you hate the feeling of sticky vinyl or leather against your skin? How about stuffy upholstery with foam that just seems to trap heat and radiate it back to you? That line of sweat running down between your shoulder blades feels really icky – especially when you are only halfway through the workday. You know it’ll be another four or five hours before you can head home in the sweltering heat to hit the shower. You probably find yourself wishing for a more breathable office chair. Louisiana summertime temps often spike into the nineties and the humidity can be awful.

The Wings of a Butterfly

mirra 2Herman Miller’s Mirra 2 chair “meshes” a semi-open polymer veined support structure with overlying fabric for a seat back that lets your back breathe. The textile is molded against the plastic webbing rather than being glued in place. This new way of combining materials apparently increases the airflow potential and temperature comfort since the fabric can flex freely with the movement of the user. The polymer grid is even more open and airy than in the previous Mirra model, offering superior ventilation.

Soft as Steel

ThinkSteelcase’s Think chair with its 3D knit back is an obvious choice for maximum breathability. The seat back is light and flexible – you can even see through it. The back on the Think is suspended against thick cables (flexors) to provide support without adding bulk to the chair. If you really do like an upholstered back for more comfort, the Leap is a nice upgrade. This chair features a breathable textile and foam combo with a slat back to allow air to move through. It blends the best of both worlds – and you’ll probably love the adjustable lumbar support.

Nothing But Air

LimbICWant to do away with the seat back altogether? You don’t have to settle for a stool. One very odd (and expensive) alternative is the LimbIC chair from Inno-Motion. It features custom fitted carbon-fiber shells that wrap around each thigh. You sit cradled in the air with complete freedom of movement and a strong incentive to maintain good posture. We think it might be a little breezy up there, but it sure looks fun.

No matter when you decide to get more comfortable office chairs, Louisiana-based sourcing experts at The Office Planning Group are here to help.