Millennials and Their Space

today's workforceMillennial’s are people who were born between the early 1980’s and the early 2000’s.  They are the children of the Baby Boomer generation. It is said that by the year 2020, they will make up almost half of the workforce.

Millennials, or Gen Ys (as they are referred to) are changing the look and functionality of office spaces all across the country.

Gen Ys look at life differently than any generation before them. They tend to be:

  • Impatient. They grew up in the age of texting and instant answers.
  • Creative. They have a different way of looking at challenges in the office. They believe the sky is the limit.
  • Tech-Driven. Not only do they understand new technology, they expect it to be a part of their everyday work life. Technology is not a perk, it is a necessity.

Previous generations had/have jobs. Jobs or careers were destinations. The young men and women in the workforce today do not “go” to work, they “are” the work. Technology makes it possible for work to be completed virtually anywhere there is an internet connection.

How are Gen Y’s changing the face of office space?

  • They are opening up the rooms, knocking down the walls, removing the doors. They want a work station near others in the office working on similar projects. They want to be able to easily brainstorm with team members.
  • Brain breaks. They need a way to step away from the thought process and give themselves a breather. They do this through fresh air in a garden, video games, meditation, or a game of ping-pong.
  • They want to have internet access anywhere and everywhere. They do not have to be seated in a desk chair to be productive.

Up and coming businesses who want to employ Millennials will need to have open space, ergonomic chairs, sit down/stand up desks, and easy access to fellow employees and team members.

Are you considering updating your space to provide the most productive atmosphere for the Millennials you plan to hire? We can help. Contact us today and we will guide you every step of the way.

Choosing the Right Worksurfaces for Your Office

Are you outfitting a brand new location or revamping an old facility with new furniture? One of the most important decisions you’ll make is the type of worksurfaces you provide for employees. After seating, this is the office furniture that has the greatest influence on their day-to-day work. And it has an even bigger impact on how efficiently you use the available space. Let’s take a look at the four basic options.

Desks – The Bullpen Original

Individual desks are the traditional choice because they can be provisioned in so many different configurations. There’s a simple rectangle, an L-shape, a full U-shape, and more. Employees feel a sense of ownership since each desk can be positioned apart from the adjacent workspaces. Built-in under desk storage completes the self-sufficiency of these workstations. They are a good choice for wireless offices that don’t require much cabling or wiring.

Cubicles – The Mini-Office

Cubes offer the same configuration options as desks, but they include greater visual and acoustic privacy. Workstations can be closely adjoined yet still separated by panels, saving floor space without making employees feel too crowded. Overhead bins and vertical rail systems make cubicles the ideal option for offices that need lots of storage space per worker. Runways can conceal wires and cables to power each workstation.

Benches – The Current Trend

Benching is the ultimate space-saving solution with it’s truly tiny footprint. An office workbench is basically one long worksurface with shared structural components (such as legs) from one station to the next. It’s a good choice for teams that collaborate and communicate on a regular basis, but the setup can be distracting for employees who need to focus for extended periods. The central spine on a benching system makes power and cable distribution simple, often saving the most money in this area compared to other options.

Worktables – The Wave of the Future

Worktables are free-standing like desks, but are usually only available in simple rectangular configurations. Today’s hot trend in worktables is height-adjustability. Storage is usually minimal and separate from the worktable. Rolling pedestals are a popular option to pair with worktables. These smaller surfaces may be a good choice for offices that are going paperless.

Additional Options

Wall-mounted tables and lounge tables that include seating are other worksurfaces that can be distributed throughout the workplace. These make great touch down spots for flexible work spaces and for mobile workers.

A blog post only has space to scratch the surface of such a big topic! With so many choices, it makes sense to seek expert advice before you buy. Contact The Office Planning Group for an on-site consultation.

Check Out Smart Office Desks from NeoCon 2013

varideskThe whirlwind of activity at NeoCon 2013 is over. The dust has settled, and the winners have been declared. At The Office Planning Group, we like to keep an eye on this event to see the newest office furniture. This week, we’ll review one of the top office desks that took home prizes for innovation and great design.


These guys don’t bother coming up with a fancy name for their product. Their company name says it all – their product is a variable height desk. This item won the Silver award in the technology category. So, it’s actually not the ‘top’ office desk. Rather, it’s the desk you put on top of your desk. The company’s tagline promises that their products will “Change the way you work”™. If you’re used to sitting all day, that’s probably true.

This design is the latest iteration in the height adjustable desk trend. It has a couple of benefits over previous styles from other manufacturers. It’s much less expensive than a whole desk or worktable that can be adjusted up and down (either manually or electronically). You don’t have to replace your existing worksurface, just clear enough space to set the VARIDESK on top. The inexpensive price point may put this ergonomic desk within reach for more business owners, and employees may display greater energy and productivity as a result.

No Screws, Nuts or Bolts

Unlike other desktop models, this piece doesn’t have to be bolted down. That means there’s no drilling or modification to existing office desks. It’s also flexible compared to other installed height adjustable desks since it can be moved from one workstation to the next. According to the manufacturer, the VARIDESK can be set up in less than five minutes. Basically, you just have to make sure the cords for all the peripherals are long enough to move without pulling. With just a squeeze, the desktop moves up or down and locks in place.

There are several sizes of VARIDESK to accommodate standard, dual monitor and laptop equipment configurations. The equipment even comes with an app that reminds the user when to switch from sitting to standing and back again. It’s a handy way to make sure your employees get your money’s worth out of their newest ergonomic accessory.