Buy Office Furniture That Keeps Everyone Happy

Are you ready to buy office furniture, but not sure if you are making the right choice for all your workers? Last week, we explored a couple of common personality types and what kind of office furniture and layout they are most likely to enjoy. Featuring a design layout with a number of different work areas is one way to give most of the people what they want most of the time. For example, a versatile facility might feature a mix of:

  • An area of open desks for collaboration and continuous communication
  • Enclosed workspaces or “pods” for tasks that require high concentration
  • Small meeting rooms or breakout areas for small teams
  • A larger meeting room for group discussions or videoconferencing
  • A work lounge for employees who prefer mobile technology

Let’s Get Granular: What Should Workstations Be Like?

The overall layout is the macro picture. At the micro level, employee workstations are often very standardized. Obviously, purchasing office furniture in bulk is the best way to get a good price. However, you can specify modern office furniture that it is highly customizable to meet a variety of needs and tastes. Regardless of personality or work style, employees do feel more engaged and valued when they have some control over their immediate work environment.

Consider selecting office furniture that allows employees to:

  • Reconfigure the layout from time to time
  • Add or remove features (tool rails work well for this)
  • Raise or lower the worksurface height
  • Use supplemental pieces like a rolling panel to create a cubicle door
  • Increase or lower the height of privacy panels
  • Adjust lighting at the desktop level

When you choose customizable, highly modular furniture, you can meet your objectives of:

  • Purchasing in bulk for cost savings
  • A uniform overall look and feel for branding
  • Good ergonomics for health and productivity
  • Promoting high levels of employee engagement

When you have the right starting place and some good advice, it’s a lot easier to buy office furniture that employees can tailor to their needs, their tasks, and their personality. At The Office Planning Group, we’re here to help you find furniture that can grow and change with your office. Contact us to schedule a space planning consultation today.

When to Buy New Orleans Office Furniture

used cubicles new orleansAre you getting a startup off the ground in New Orleans? Office furniture is a must, but when do you depend on thrift store finds and cast-offs from friends and when do you really buckle down and buy the high quality, gorgeous office furniture you’ve always dreamed of?

Of course, you have to consider funding and prioritize first. Once you find and secure office space, take a good hard look around and see if you must do any work in it to make it workable. Do you have to allocate funds for customizing the space? Rewiring anything? Adding indirect lighting? It might be cheaper, if you are having an inner build done, to have lighting done as part of it and not have to purchase alternate lighting afterwards.

Once the space is ready, you can consider essentials. Your employees and clients need to conduct business. This means you need basics. Lighting (which you may have already taken care of), desks, and seating.

The problem with thrift stores  is that you end up with a rather undependable mish mosh of colors and styles. Try outlets for used New Orleans office furniture instead, that way you have a chance of getting several sets that at least look like they go together and will be more modern in style. Look for quality of jazz, and quality over quantity – a large, well made desk can double as workspace for two instead of buying cheap small desks!

Once you have the funds to really outfit your office properly, then you can purchase better New Orleans office furniture. Always choose with an eye to easy mobility if you ever plan to move offices, easy expansion for the time when you need more workstations, and comfort on the part of your employees and clients.

Don’t over-splurge on accessories at first – if you don’t have a decent desk you definitely don’t need an aquarium – but when you can afford it it’s the details that make the difference. When your business passes startup phase and is well established, you can look to upgrade your new Orleans office with furniture and accessories to make it really pop!


Get Your Metairie Office Furniture Accessories Here

Are you looking for a way to make employees enjoy coming to work at your office in Metairie? Office furniture accessories that provide maximum comfort are the way to go. In particular, you’ll want to choose the latest ergonomic tools to create a fully customizable workspace for each employee. You don’t have to replace all your existing workstations to make this happen. Here are 3 affordable accessories that can upgrade your existing office furniture:

Foot Rests

You don’t want employees kicking back and putting their feet up on their desk. But they should have some way to alleviate the pressure on the back of their thighs. A stationary foot rest is an excellent option. Today’s advanced models allow workers to move while they sit, working their joints, muscles and tendons to keep circulation healthy while relieving aches and pains. Some even feature wheels like miniature skateboards and can be rolled to any area of the workstation while the user remains seated.

LED Task Lamp

According to research conducted by the GSA, electricity usage plummets and employee satisfaction soars when workers have control over the lighting at their own workstations. In one study, only 55 percent of employees said their standard lighting was comfortable. After they were given the option to adjust their own lighting, that number rose to 70 percent. Retrofitting overhead lights so they can be dimmed or brightened by individual employees shows the biggest benefit. But even supplying a task lamp on the desktop can make a difference. LEDs are the most energy efficient and can closely mimic natural daylight. The latest designs reduce glare and shed an even light across the worksurface.

Sit-to-Stand Desk Converter

Sitting all day is being linked to more and more health problems including metabolic syndrome, obesity, heart disease and early mortality. In contrast, standing more at work is associated with a number of improvements in health including less back and neck pain and even better moods. You can review an enormous amount of scientific literature on this topic at Of course, you don’t have to buy height adjustable desks for your employees to enjoy the perks of varying their posture throughout the work day. Just add a sit-to-stand monitor arm and keyboard tray attachment that clamps onto any existing workstation.

For more ideas on ergonomic Metairie office furniture and accessories, contact The Office Planning Group anytime!