Four Mistakes to Avoid When Buying New Orleans Office Furniture

pollockOf all the things you have to do when setting up your new office, the most fun and the most frustrating is buying office furniture. New Orleans clientele will be looking at everything in your office to help them decide if you are the right service or product provider, so first impressions are hugely important!

Here are four common mistakes buyers often make when purchasing office furniture:

Not having a plan before diving in: Many people buy office furniture based on impulse, but hastily deciding on what office furniture to buy could mean very unsatisfactory results in a year or two. You have to accurately assess your needs; if you need an new office chair, ask the following: Does it have wheels? Adjustable height? Ergonomic back? Padded seat? Get feedback from current employees about what their preferences are as well.

Thinking looks tell the whole story: Aesthetics are important, but comfort is number one! Your employees, guests and yourself have to be comfortable. While aesthetics make things beautiful or pleasing in appearance, ergonomics factor in productivity and comfort.

Forgetting to test drive: Your New Orleans office furniture should be tried out – take your staff with you and give everything in the store a whirl. Ask about returns or trial periods – if you are buying all of your items form one vendor, they might be willing to take back or exchange anything that doesn’t feel right after two weeks.

Not thinking ahead: If you narrow down your choices to two office chairs, one a more expensive quality chair and one a less expensive run of the mill office chair, consider the depreciation and lasting power of each. Isn’t it better to buy a $500 chair (if you can budget it in) and not have to replace it for six years than to buy a $300 dollar chair that will be worn out or broken in less than two years? Don’t forget to factor in the incidental costs such as taxes, delivery fees, freight charges, shipping and handling fees, installation or assembly fees or extra costs for a warranty.

Planning ahead can make all of the difference and keep you from committing these four office furniture faux pas.


Hire a Professional Metairie Cubicles Installation Team

Metairie cubiclesAre you considering moving your business to Metairie? Cubicles represent a significant investment in your current office space, so you are likely to want to move them to your new location. But you probably didn’t realize how much work was involved in breaking these modular workstations down until it actually came time to do it. In fact, you may find the job is quite overwhelming. This is an ideal time to ask for some professional help. Here are just some of the tasks an office furniture dealer can help you with:

  • Developing an inventory of your cubicles and office furniture
  • Categorizing that furniture and equipment by how it will be grouped at your new location
  • Ensuring cubicles are broken down without misplacing components
  • Packing panels and other parts properly to prevent damage during transport

From a design planning perspective, you can also access help with:

  • Creating a staged moving plan that will minimize disruption to your employees
  • Determining how to make the best use of your new office space by incorporating your existing office furniture efficiently
  • Understanding when rental office furniture can be used on a temporary basis at low cost and where new items are needed

At the re-installation in Metairie, cubicles should also be assembled by a professional team. That way, you don’t end up with unstable workstations or leftover nuts and bolts. While some cheaper cubes are pretty easy to disassemble and reassemble, the higher quality brands that incorporate power and data cabling can be somewhat complex. In addition, wood veneered parts require a little extra TLC to prevent dings and scratches. You don’t want to have your new office populated with cubicles that look like they traveled 500 miles by wagon train.

Our professional Metairie cubicle installers are punctual, appropriately dressed, speedy, efficient, knowledgeable, friendly and thorough. Let The Office Planning Group help you plan your office move. We’ll help make sure your new space looks great!

Delivery of Office Cubicles: New Orleans, Here We Come!

Do you feel overwhelmed at the idea of receiving a huge shipment of office cubicles? New Orleans businesses (and our clients throughout Louisiana) don’t have to worry about all the stress that comes along with ordering large quantities of systems furniture. We actually have a solution that keeps your office from looking like a disaster area. Here are some of the ways we take the load off your shoulders:

Let Us Be Your “Ship To” Address

We receive product from manufacturers at our own facility for your project. If you are outfitting a new or renovated office space, you could be purchasing from half a dozen different manufacturers or more. There might be one shipment coming in for cubicles, another for seating, one for filing and storage furniture, one for lighting, and so forth. Besides being very confusing, managing all these shipments is time consuming and space intensive. The last thing you want is to have to try to find somewhere to stash 50 cubicles that arrive while you are in the middle of carpet or tile installation.

Let Us Manage Exceptions

Then there’s the little matter of damaged or incomplete shipments. If you aren’t on top of every package, you might well miss signs of rough handling or a mismatch between the BOL and the actual shipment contents. If you do notice something amiss, navigating the labyrinthine process of making a freight claim is enough to make you tear your hair out. You need to leave that hassle to the professionals. We don’t put up with being bullied, given the runaround, or otherwise ignored. You will get what you paid for in good condition – we won’t accept anything less on your behalf.

Let Us Prep Your Office Furniture

What about when it is time to put everything together? We transport your office furniture to your location. There, we uncrate and stage it (while removing any packaging). Staging is actually a very important step that often gets overlooked in installation. It takes years of experience handling office furniture projects to understand the most efficient order to follow in putting together modular furniture and accessories. Organization is what makes this a completely smooth operation. If you’ve ever done a home improvement project and ended up going to the hardware store 5 times before the darn thing was over, you know what a difference good pre-planning makes!