The Dos and Donts of Contemporary Office Furniture

contemporary office furnitureBelieve it or not, office furniture is a very lucrative business in the United States. In fact, the industry brought in around $12.6 billion in 2014. For those looking to use contemporary office furniture to improve their work environments, consider the following tips for designing your office space.

Don’t be afraid of color
While the office is not typically the place you expect to find bold prints and colors, it can, however, influence creativity in more subtle ways. Adding a simple pop of color to chairs or even cabinets can add an interesting element of appeal to any office environment.

Do make the most of the space you have
Depending on several factors, including location, office space can sometimes be expensive. For this reason, business owners have to get creative to find ways to make the office functional.

One way to do that is by strategically arranging computer desks and using contemporary office furniture to maximize the space. More offices are opting out of the traditional cubicles and onto more modern office desks with space-saving features.

Don’t clutter the space
When deciding to maximize on the office space you have available, it is important not to get into a situation in which you end up with more clutter. It is understandable that you want to find contemporary office furniture with built-in organization, but these pieces do not have to be as large as you think. In fact, large furniture pieces in a small- to medium-sized space make it look more crowded than organized.

Do keep in mind that design matters
Studies show that productivity among employees increased by as much as 17.5% when provided with the right work chairs and training. Consequently, employers should seek to design workstations that promote creativity as well as increase potential profits. Doing so will increase employee satisfaction and provide an excellent experience for customers and other visitors.

The days of the isolated office floor full of wall-to-wall cubicles are coming to an end. In its place are new, modern pieces that enhance the work experience for the employee and increase their productivity. Considering that most adults will work an estimated 90,000 hours in their lifetime, you want to make sure they are doing so in a comfortable, functional environment. Keep the above tips in mind when designing or re-designing your office space and observe the difference. You may like what you see.

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