The Five Office Layouts You Should be Familiar With

reception deskThe structure of an office layout isn’t just about office hierarchy or the division of public and private areas. The way your office is laid out is an actual extension of your brand and can say a lot about your company as the product or service you provide. When planning an office layout, you will naturally consider the style and appearance factors, but to be effective a layout also needs to respect the information flow to ensure every worker performs at optimum capacity.

A Modular Workstation Layout lets you go wild with a variety of pieces that can be mixed and matched to divide space into workstations. Each office can be tailored to suit the specific duties of the occupants.

A Cluster Workstation Layout focuses employee workstations around a central core. Dividers can be distributed from a hub, and arranged them in a pattern similar to the spokes in a wheel. This type of system is most effective in an office where don’t spend all of their working day at their desk.

A Landscape Layout is used in Germany extensively, and depends on a combination of cluster and modular styles with the addition space elements, ambient lighting and plants and foliage often used as visual barriers Most organizations use a hybrid approach with a ratio of approximately 80:20% open to private areas.

An Open Plan Layout may haveĀ  higher levels of noise pollution, but may also have better levels of communication. This style of layout is more appropriate for offices with computer based tasks rather than telecommunications. This structure helps enforce a sense of teamwork and allows clear lines of collaboration.

A Traditional Closed Office Layout is the typical plan for offices housing upper management. This is still common in many industries but for large offices the cost per square foot may decrease its attractiveness.

What kind of office layout works best for your needs? Share with us what you like and dislike about your layout, and how you think things could be improved.


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