The Office Planning Group Supports Your Purpose

At the Office Planning Group, we like to stay abreast of the latest trends. Of course, we often find that what’s just becoming fashionable turns out to be what we’ve been doing for years. Take a look at this recent blog post at Fresh Gigs to see what we mean. One of the three major trends Jerrie Morrison writes about is “Purpose”. This is office design that is:

  • In alignment with the values of your company (enhancing your corporate image)
  • Healthy and comfortable for employees (boosting morale and productivity)
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable (reducing resource consumption of both raw materials and energy)

This kind of office space supports and increases the engagement level of workers by making a statement about the purpose of your business. Today’s workers know they are likely to change jobs many times over the course of a few decades. You can’t count on loyalty based in job security to motivate employees anymore. They know spending a lifetime with one employer is unlikely. So, you need a way to make them excited about coming to work – and a way to attract new talent when your current employees move on to their next job. When employees feel their work has purpose, they become self-motivated.

Just Adding Fancy Office Furniture Won’t Do the Trick

You need a workspace that is designed so that all elements come together to send a message about what your company thinks is important. For your organization, that might go far beyond simply making a profit. Hopefully, your purpose also includes:

  • Delivering lasting value to customers
  • Providing an inspiring and healthful workplace for employees
  • Bringing prosperity to the local and larger community
  • Preserving the planet for future generations

At The Office Planning Group, we have extensive experience advising organizations on ways to brand their workspace to be consistent with their stated mission. We can help you revamp your existing space with the right changes or give you a fresh start with an entirely new layout and furniture. Our consultation process is thorough and will save you a huge amount of time and money in deciding on the perfect direction to take your office design.

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