Tips to Apply Feng Shui in Your Office

art of zenFeng shui is an ancient philosophy emphasizing the importance of energy flow based on spatial arrangement of furniture. The basic belief is that the positioning of furniture and decorations within a space, affect a person’s energy. This has either a positive or negative effect on people. Proper use of feng shui in an office can increase productivity, raise energy levels, and encourage success. Here are some tips to increase positive energy flow in your office.


Many offices have harsh lighting that depletes a person’s energy. Fluorescent lighting is not recommended. If your office has fluorescent lights, replace the bulbs with full-spectrum bulbs. If this is not an option, consider adding incandescent lighting to your workplace. You accomplish this by including desk or floor lamps. The addition of lamps will cut down on the negative effects of the severe fluorescent lights above.


A great way to increase energy is to bring life into your office. Plants of any kind are useful. Choose the plants you are most drawn to. Larger plants can also be used as barriers. For example, if there is a glass wall in your office that causes you to feel vulnerable, place some large plants in front of it to make you feel more secure.


The arrangement of furniture in your workplace is the most important aspect of feng shui. It is crucial that the energy in your office flows freely this means having a layout that is absent of obstacles. Walk around the office space and make sure you can easily move through the area. If your body can effortlessly maneuver through the office, the energy will be able to as well.

Desks should be positioned facing the door with a solid wall behind you. All doors and windows should be visible from the desk. However, do not face a window straight on. The optimal positioning is to place the desk diagonally facing the door. This is known as the command position in feng shui.

Many people are firm believers in the power of feng shui. Even if you are not a believer, it certainly couldn’t hurt to try. Use the simple tips above to bring some positive energy into your office, increasing productivity and success.

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