Upgrading Your Office Furniture? Keep These 4 Things in Mind

office furniture checklistUpgrading your office furniture can be a complex and important business decision. It can also be a very daunting and stressful experience. Knowing the basics about putting together a proper furniture purchasing plan can make all of the difference in the world towards a successful upgrade. Below are 4 great tips on the best ways to purchase office furniture:

1Make a Thorough Checklist First

It is always imperative to make an extensive list of your office needs, styles, and the business statement you would like to convey through your office furniture. Using a checklist is a time-tested and established organizational tool, which ensures that all of your bases are covered first before making a major purchasing decision.


  1. Make a needs list: Knowing your needs is paramount to knowing what to buy. This is where an itemized list with specified office needs, furniture use, and exact locations of the pieces to be purchased, become essential office planning tools.
  2. Balance your budget: Create reasonable budget goals for each major furniture items, and then do your best to stick to them. Make a concrete spending plan, first listing all of the items that you must have for your business to function properly. You can start that wish list later after you’ve balanced your furniture budget.
  3. Research your best price options: Decide where or/if, used and/or refurbished furniture can be tastefully utilized. Recycled office furniture is much cheaper than New, with a surprisingly “Like New” appearance for the money. Make sure to use New or “like New” furniture in high customer or client areas – Utilize shipping discounts – Especially online!
  4. Find cautious bargains: Everybody wants a bargain. Sometimes, though, a bargain turns out-to-be not such a bargain. Keep in mind the old adage: “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Use caution before making major purchases, this prevents having to go through buyer’s remorse later.
  5. Know what’s popular: The reason that some office furniture stores are more popular than others is usually due their happy customer base, plus their attention to the latest market trends and styles. Do some office furniture research on the internet first, before you decide to go shopping. Read online store reviews. Find out which stores are the most popular in your area, and why, and then go check them out for yourself.

2Affect your Office Tone with your Office Color

Green with envy? Seeing Red? Wondering if something falls under a – Gray Area? These sayings naturally attribute a color to one’s mood. In reality, the color of an office can affect an employee’s mood, and even how a business’s client base reacts psychologically to an office’s color theme. Marketing companies successfully use color in advertising campaigns in order to convey an emotion or a business/product statement. Your office color theme should also successfully reflect an office’s business statement, work ethics, and efficiency, all at one initial first glance.

  • Blue: Cooling, calming, blue tones effectively tone down a stressful environment. Blue is also most people’s favorite color when asked. Blue is an authoritative color.
  • Greens: An air of reassurance and relaxation are emphasized in natural toned greens. Green is a refreshing color that enhances one’s mood and mental stamina. Dark green instills focus and concentration.
  • Reds: This is the color of fire and action. Red tones in furniture are a great way to psychologically motivate productivity. Red is also an aggressive color, though, so don’t go overboard with red.
  • White: This color, of course, is hygienic and very hospital-like. There are no workplace distractions with white. White can come off as being too cold, though. It can also make people think that your company is unimaginative. Make sure to add a splash of strategic color with a white background.
  • Black: This color is normally used for office warehouse ceilings. But for the business office, lighter colors are usually encouraged in order to brighten up the general mood of the office space.
  • Gray: This color is a very neutral color – The anti-color. Gray can be perceived by many as depressing, dull, and listless, and because of this fact, it should only be used in small amounts, even in office furniture trim.

3Know your New, Used, & Refurbished Options

It is best to compare two budgets when deciding between new, used, or refurbished – One budget that only includes the cost of refurbished and used furniture in areas with very little or no client and customer visibility. And one budget that only uses new furniture in its calculations. In this way, you can rationally financially decide whether to go all new office furniture or consider a “Like New” option with refurbished furniture. Refurbished is normally bought in large liquidation lots, and then stripped down to its base components. It is then built back up to “like New” condition by replacing any broken or scuffed parts, and also replacing out-of-style designs with modern ones.

Used furniture is, of course, pre-owned, but it is usually sold in large liquidating outfits that sell their merchandise in “Fair” to “Lightly used” condition. Office spaces with rows of classic style office cubicles are a great place to save on refurbished or remanufactured furniture. Recycled furniture outlets, normally allow for custom color and styling options on larger orders. Open space, office areas get a lot of communal worker use and abuse; this is why open space, offices, are also a good place to save on lightly used office furniture.

4Fully Utilize any Limited Space

Using floor to ceiling shelving in any nook or open closet, is always a highly recommended way to open up some extra room in a crowded office space. The use of an adjustable standing desk, which can be brought back down to a sitting position when needed, is also an innovative and popular way to work in a small office. Both of these popular office furniture pieces for cramped workspaces can be purchased as refurbished, used, or new, all at a good price in today’s competitive marketplace. Quality, sustainability, and efficiency are the three main key elements that one should be looking for in a piece of dependable and long-lasting office furniture – Whether that piece is new, used, or refurbished is less of a concern than if the piece will tastefully and successfully match your detailed and organized office plan.

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