Using L Shape Desks in New Orleans Office Spaces

With prime office space at a premium in New Orleans, making the most of every precious square foot is a priority. The type of office furniture chosen to fit the space available is key. Picking the right shape, size and style of office furniture can lead to higher efficiency, more elbow and leg room, and extra storage space.  L shape desks are perfect for this specific type of office.

L-shaped desks are traditionally set in a corner, to provide a large work station for a single person. This can be a good option of the office is small and a centrally placed executive desk is impractical. However, it can be awkward if clients are regularly entertained in the office, as facing the corner to use a computer or check files puts the desk-user’s back to their visitors.

A better plan would be to put one leg of the L directly against the wall and ending in the corner. This provides a spacious workspace that faces the wall, where a calendar can be hung or a view out of the window is available. The other leg can extend to the center of the room, so that the office manager need only pivot their chair 90 degrees to the left or right to face clients across the open expanse of desk.

Other options for L shaped desks include the ability for two employees to share space without restricting leg room or bumping elbows. With one person on the inside of the L and the other on the outside, each worker has ample desktop space and legroom; and can share items such as a centrally located printer, power strip or assorted desk supplies tray.

Finally, for very crowded spaces, two L shaped desks pushed together so the legs meet forming an elongated U can create enough space for six workers, at a pinch. Alternating seating in the inside and outside provide just enough leg and elbow room and combination PC and monitor setups leaves enough space for office supplies if needed.

Consider L shape desks for narrow New Orleans office spaces and benefit from efficient use of square footage while keeping employees and clients from feeling cramped.

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