What The Office Got Right About Office Design

Fans of the popular television program The Office may be surprised to learn that they actually did quite a few things right when it comes down to their layout, design, and furniture selection. Find that a bit hard to believe? Then take a look at these observations, and consider:

  • Optimized Traffic Flow – Next time you watch the show, pay attention to how people move through the office. Access to the front door is easy and open, and sends you right past their corporate gatekeeper. Employees desks are tucked off to the side, close to bathrooms, the break room, etc., without impacting the overall traffic flow through the office itself.
  • Open Pattern – All parts of the layout and office design on The Office feature a modern, open pattern. This facilitates communication and efficiency in your work space, as both employees, visitors, and customers are all able to quickly and easily get where they need to be.

the office cubicle design

So the next time you sit down to catch an episode, pay attention to the way they decided to lay out their office and place their furniture. You may unexpectedly find a tip or two you can appropriate for use where you work.

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