When to Buy New Orleans Office Furniture

used cubicles new orleansAre you getting a startup off the ground in New Orleans? Office furniture is a must, but when do you depend on thrift store finds and cast-offs from friends and when do you really buckle down and buy the high quality, gorgeous office furniture you’ve always dreamed of?

Of course, you have to consider funding and prioritize first. Once you find and secure office space, take a good hard look around and see if you must do any work in it to make it workable. Do you have to allocate funds for customizing the space? Rewiring anything? Adding indirect lighting? It might be cheaper, if you are having an inner build done, to have lighting done as part of it and not have to purchase alternate lighting afterwards.

Once the space is ready, you can consider essentials. Your employees and clients need to conduct business. This means you need basics. Lighting (which you may have already taken care of), desks, and seating.

The problem with thrift storesĀ  is that you end up with a rather undependable mish mosh of colors and styles. Try outlets for used New Orleans office furniture instead, that way you have a chance of getting several sets that at least look like they go together and will be more modern in style. Look for quality of jazz, and quality over quantity – a large, well made desk can double as workspace for two instead of buying cheap small desks!

Once you have the funds to really outfit your office properly, then you can purchase better New Orleans office furniture. Always choose with an eye to easy mobility if you ever plan to move offices, easy expansion for the time when you need more workstations, and comfort on the part of your employees and clients.

Don’t over-splurge on accessories at first – if you don’t have a decent desk you definitely don’t need an aquarium – but when you can afford it it’s the details that make the difference. When your business passes startup phase and is well established, you can look to upgrade your new Orleans office with furniture and accessories to make it really pop!


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