White Tables and Desks New Orleans Should Copy From Moscow

HON deskDid you know that Russia has its very own awards contest for office design and furniture? We’ve found a great photo collection of award winning offices that feature some ultra-modern desks. New Orleans is already experiencing its typical warm temps and humidity this spring. But nighttime temperatures are still hovering just above freezing in Moscow. In a land with so much frozen precipitation, it’s no surprise that snowy white is a popular color for office furniture. It’s all about the cool factor. Take a look at the images at officenext-moscow.com (scroll all the way down) and then let’s consider ways you could use similar designs and concepts in your office.

EF (English First)

Picture #2 in the slideshow for this award winner features a trapezoidal white desk in a conference room. That’s a great outline to use in an odd shaped room if you want to create a unique look. It’s also a good shape for putting in a corner to use space effectively. In fact, the trapezoid is a favorite for training and meeting rooms when multiple tables or desks need to be configured as a continuous worksurface.


Want an imposing reception desk that still allows your lobby to look open and airy? White is the way to go since it looks great in natural light supplemented with recessed lighting that makes the desk appear to glow. Choose a design with a textured surface to give the furniture depth. Otherwise, it may appear too blank and featureless. Pair the white desk with a deeply hued wood floor to ground the design.

Harley Davidson

Oh yes, this company does have offices in Moscow too! This firm has decided to take its signature tangerine logo color and pair it with white desks and cubicles to create a fully branded workspace. The use of tropical colors in chair upholstery and cubicle panels offers a gorgeous contrast to the clean and simple lines of the worksurfaces.

V Kontakte

Here’s another office where white furniture makes it easy to use color throughout the space. Slide #6 shows three rooms side by side, each with brightly colored walls. One room is green, one blue, and one red. The common features that tie them all together are white desks and tables. Perhaps white is the new black for 2013.

Looking for the right place to source snowy white office desks? New Orleans businesses don’t have to shop in Moscow or St. Petersburg. We can find the perfect modern furnishings for your office much closer to home.

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