Why Choose a Local New Orleans Office Furniture Dealer?

We know there are hundreds of retailers trying to tempt you with online deals. Why does it make sense to go with a New Orleans office furniture dealer to outfit your local business?

We Help You Plan It Right

The most obvious reason is that you can access on-site planning services. No matter how up-to-date you think your facility blueprints are, there’s nothing like a real walk through to figure out how the space actually works. This hands-on approach makes it possible to identify ways to maximize the available area. For example, you might be very surprised to find out that you have dozens of square feet of space (or more) that you haven’t been using to its full potential. That’s like finding “magic money” for your business.

Having a second set of eyes appraise your location also helps you avoid obstacles that could increase the costs of your office furniture purchases. For example, you wouldn’t want to buy a conference table that looks great in an online ad and then find you can’t maneuver it through the hallway or door leading to your conference room. We pay attention to all the little details during the selection process so you make choices that fit your office (literally).

We Help You Brand It Right

An in-person planning session also provides you with an opportunity to present your company’s workplace culture to a professional consultant. When your office space planner understands your business and the people who work there, they can help you brand your business accurately. Branding doesn’t just make a good impression on visitors or customers. It can be carried throughout the work space to help boost morale. For example, ergonomic touches serve as practical reminders that you believe in your mission statement that says your company cares about its employees.

Everything from the shape, texture and color of your furnishings gives your office a cohesive look and feel. Buying a piece here and a piece there online means nothing ever really goes together. At the same time, you don’t want to be restricted to buying only one brand just to stay on theme. You need to be able to mix and match with confidence. That takes an in-depth knowledge of the available manufacturers and their product lines. We bring that knowledge to the table with decades of experience in the office furniture industry.

That’s just one reason to go local and give a New Orleans office furniture dealer a shot at your business. At Office Planning Group, our space planning consultation is free of charge and we can schedule an appointment at your convenience. We’re guessing that’s not something a “virtual” company can do…

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