Why Cluster Office Cubicles? New Orleans Utility Company Knows the Answer

office cubicles New OrleansWhen you have limited room in your office, there are a few things you can do to help conserve space with your office cubicles. New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board is one client we helped with just this issue recently. This utility company deals with waste all the time, but they don’t want to waste space!

The water, drainage and sewerage systems in New Orleans were honored in 1973 as one of the top ten most outstanding engineering achievements in the state. We can’t say the way we engineered the spatial optimization in the offices of the Sewerage and Water Board matches that, but the solution our team came up with is pretty great.

Compressed Workspaces Don’t Have to Feel Crowded

The Office Planning Group got creative with this client’s offices to fit a large number of customer service personnel into a small space. Our goal was to create a work environment that was functional, comfortable, ergonomic and functional – and one that didn’t make workers feel cramped. That’s always the sticking point when you have to fit lots of workers in a limited area. However, we used clustered office cubicles to solve that problem.

  • These cubes aren’t actually square or rectangular. Instead, they feature several workstations connected together around a central hub like petals on a flower. The worksurfaces are narrower in the front and open out to a wider angle on the sides. This gives the sense of working in a more open space instead of a box.
  • Workers have panels in front of them to help dampen sound. This also helps create a little bit of visual privacy. They aren’t staring at their coworkers all day and have more of a sense of personal space. At the same time, the open back of the workstation means they don’t feel too enclosed. They can readily invite in coworkers when advice or collaboration is needed.
  • The wide V shape of the desktop provides space on both sides of the user without taking up nearly as much room as a traditional U shape desk. There’s even enough room for filing at each workstation.

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