Why Locking Filing Cabinets Are Still Legally Required for Business

locking-file-cabinetsIn recent years, there have been many advancements in digital technology and paperless trends. However most businesses still have an ongoing need to keep physical paper files and filing cabinets are still a vital piece of many business environments. Any organization must remember that filing cabinets with lockable features are legally required for certain industries and professions, but did you know that ALL businesses must protect certain types of paperwork with locking containers that include:

  • Employee information, even that which only includes potential employment data written on applications, resumes, interview questionnaires and other criteria that divulges any type of personal information, containing SSN’s, DOB, past employment info and other types of sensitive data.
  • Any type of legal information, regardless of the source or situation: cases resolved, solved, unsolved or dropped, this data must be under lock and key at all times.
  • All types of medical data, especially insurance paperwork for new or existing employees, those applying, changing coverage, inquiring about differences, additions and any type of inquiries about employment benefits, must be locked and secured.

In today’s digital age, paperwork, signatures and hard-copies are still a necessity and appropriate measures need to be laid in place to protect and safeguard this type of valuable and sensitive data. Insurance audits are also a realistic and regular part of business practices and having a lock in place to protect this type of data can help avoid fines.

In a different example, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requirements demand a number of regulations including regular monthly “tailgate” meetings be held for certain industries and they are to be kept on paper, filed and signed off by all employees, supervisors and administrators, on safety and preventative measures dependent upon the industry.

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