Why Office Furniture Speaks Volumes About You and Your Work

old office furnitureStop for a moment and think about your office furniture

  1. Not the people who work there, but the actual office itself, and think about people who come to your office.  What do they think?  Will they see desks and chairs that have a timeless style, or will they see particle board desks that are warping because of too much direct exposure to the sunlight, or because water from a plant has been leaking for years, or just because of age and weight? It is easy to ignore something that changes slowly and you see every day.  Now is the time to really look at your office critically.

Just like a person’s appearance can tell the world a lot about that person, the appearance of an office makes an important first impression as well.  Warped or old furniture can send out a message that an office is set in its ways or worse lacks funds. Not a great first impression when trying to win over new business.

None of those things might be true, but first impressions are important.  Once again, stop for a moment and think about your office situation. Are desks made from oak, cherry, or mahogany?  These types of wood are classic and provide a timeless appearance that sends a message of class and style.

Another way to improve the look of an office and to make a good impression on visitors is the furniture they will sit on.  Consider the chairs in a lobby.  An office setting doesn’t want the lobby to look like the chairs were borrowed from the oil changing place down the road.  Find furniture that is soft, stain resistant, and comfortable.  Remember that if a large percentage of your clientele is elderly, you should avoid seats that make people sink too low and have to work too hard to stand up.

Contact us at the Office Planning Group to help you pick out the best furniture for your office.  From comfortable and attractive chairs, to timeless desks that will still look classy 20 years from now, we will help guide you toward the best furniture for your specific needs.  The Office Planning group has free space plan design consultation and we offer professional installation and maintenance. Let us help you choose the furniture that will best suit your needs and will make a positive impression on customers and clients.

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