Why The Office Planning Group Does Office Furniture Standards Programs

If you’ve browsed the broad selection of services The Office Planning Group offers, you may have noticed that we help clients develop office furniture standards programs. While not every company needs a standards program, larger businesses tend to find that this approach to sourcing and provisioning furniture is highly effective. What benefits does such a program have for enterprises and other organizations? Here are 10 key perks:

  1. Lower Pricing: With standardization, you know the top manufacturer brands you intend to purchase over the next 5-10 years. This makes it easier to get contract pricing that saves you money.
  2. Better Space Usage: Any new leased or built space can be designed around the type of office furniture that will be installed, ensuring less wasted or “shadow” space.
  3. Higher Asset Reutilization: When you have a protocol in place for inventorying and tracking each piece of office furniture, you can ensure that you don’t buy new when an item sitting in storage could be used instead.
  4. Faster Provisioning: Whether you are buying new and need speedy delivery or relocating furniture from one site to another, a standards program gives you an edge in outfitting the workspace for a new employee or a whole new department without delay.
  5. Greater Ergonomics: With a standards program that sets a minimum requirement for ergonomics, you have the potential to reduce repetitive stress injuries in the workplace.
  6. Better Branding: All office furniture can be standardized to fit the color scheme or “look and feel” for your business – even across multiple satellite locations.
  7. More Productivity: Furniture is selected based on how well it supports the types of work actually performed within your organization.
  8. Extended Lifespan: Office furniture that is standardized can be reconfigured or added to with ease allowing it to be functional for longer.
  9. Less Administrative Hassle: When a policies are in place for how office furniture is allocated and who is responsible for each step (approval, purchasing, installation), there is less chance for confusion and redundant work in the provisioning process.
  10. Higher Employee Satisfaction: Employees don’t feel that some workers get special treatment when it comes to office furniture. Standards are open, transparent and fair.

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